The Misunderstood God

Wayne and Brad have enjoyed a growing relationship with Darin Hufford and are now helping him bring his newest book to print through Windblown Media. The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Teaches Us About God is a reworking of Darin's earlier book, The God's Honest Truth. In this compelling read Darin probes the question as to whether God, in claiming to be love itself, meets his own definition of love in I Corinthians 13. He concludes that religion's definition of God does not, and though they call him the Loving God they have ascribed to him the personality of the devil. Darin joins Wayne and Brad in this podcast to discuss his book and his own discovery about learning to live in the reality of the Father's love. You can find out more about Darin at his website, The Free Believer's Network.


  1. Great discussion. Can’t wait to read the book. Just a thought . God is love and love can only truly be found in relationship. That’s why He created us to be totally sentient, freewilled beings. I find it not robbery to be considered equal with Christ Jesus. He alone has set us free, indeed, to be who He has made us to be(the good,bad and ugly). I freely return the love He has perfected in me, for His glory and our sakes!

  2. One amusing irony I thought was that the first part of the show you guys were basically talking about how you were / are misunderstood and how you really do not appreciate it. I think it shows how different we are to God that being misunderstood for millennia really does not faze him and he just keeps on lovin’. Keep up that dialog as I love the joy and truth-nuggets I am picking up along the way with you both.

  3. Totally awesome! Loved this! You’re really making some world-changing (and certainly world-view changing) statements on this show. Wish these podcasts were available for download.

    God bless you guys and thanks!

  4. This is an amazing discussion!! You guys are right on point! I liked what you said, about people needing permission to trust themselves. After hearing about what God was truly all about, I just felt an instant connection – I felt like it was me!! I had looked back at something that I had typed few months before accepting Jesus as my saviour, and I started to cry, because I didn’t understand it at the time, but after I realized what it Truly meant, I knew I belonged to God. “Love is the only real thing, I have ever believed in.” after reading that again months later I just knew who God really was. Keep up your amazing preachings! People are so caught up in following religious rules, that they don’t let themselves love anyone out of fear of doing the wrong thing!

  5. Love you guys so much and enjoy listening to my thoughts spoken by others!!! Am a freebeliever .. on a journey…living a life of joy in Him,

  6. Enoyed the book, it really gave me fresh air of freedom. I really wish it had more Biblical text citations so that I could help others through the theological bombs presented.

  7. Really enjoyed the Podcast. Again-your discussions seem to liberate people in the spirit of the verse that were Jesus says “i shall make them free (liberate) indeed”-It was good to hear the
    Grace centeredness of this-especially the transformational aspect-I have always wondered about this since “Change” is such a huge underlying push of Religion. I like Paul Youngs take in the Shack-where the real change takes place in the inner places of the soul; heart; inner spirit (“you are receiving the salvation of your souls”)-and explains that its a lifetime process that revolves -i think-on the inside and outside appearances can be deceiving. Thanks for having the courage to say “Have a Relationship with God and puff away”- although I am currently an ex-smoker; I often felt like the “outsider” as a Smoker as I had to go find a place to hide to smoke for fear of offending those around me who were definitely non-smokers; and appeared to me-much more righteous than I

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