Living Freely in God’s Love

Brad and Wayne interviewed Darin last week on the release of his newest book, The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Teaches About God. They held him over for a second week to find out more about his personal life, what makes him tick and where his passions are in encouraging the body of Christ. He has an interesting story moving from a staff pastor at a mega-church that his wife grew up in, to an encourager of people who are discovering the joy of living loved. You can find out more about Darin at his website, The Free Believer's Network.


  1. Great discussion guys.I guess what strikes me most is how you talk about a relationship with GOD in love and freedom apart from our “sins”. For the most part it seems the IC’s major focus is our sins and “sin management”. I don’t know if they just missed what Jesus did on the cross or somehow they want to be the lords of our lives.Anyway,we can only truly love and be truly free when we understand GOD’S amazing love for us! GMAN

  2. Love the site guys I left the church about 7 years ago I found fellowshiping with people but it not really that close.All the relationships seem just like they were in the church not very open.
    I do have open relationship with some on the internet;
    Love Dan

  3. Don’t have words to express what your books and podcast have meant in my life. But I would like to try to thank you for light in my husband’s life. He would say “why should he look into “God” when he dispised what the church is in the world.” The manipulation, the hypocracy, etc. I would tell him thats NOT God.
    He has overheard me listening to the podcasts >> don’t know if this will have meaning to you but he calls you guys the “Click and Clack” of God. Its a radio show about cars. They are very knowledgable and teach people to think for themselves about auto repair. But most of all because they laugh and have the best time on air.
    He is listening, thank you.

  4. Hey guys, it’s Rocky Robbins. Just listened to this and really enjoyed it.

    It’s hard sometime to feel “out there” when other Christians are asking, “So, where do you go to church?” It’s so much easier to just say “oh, we’re between churches right now” than “we don’t really go to church anymore” I like people, but with folks I’m just getting to know I’d rather get to know them before trying to dig into some deep theological discussion where I’m going to be stereotyped as some rebellious weirdo right off the bat anyway.

    It’s interesting for me as a loner to learn about natural friendships outside of “church’. I find it freeing to just be me where I’m at and not worry that I don’t fit into the box; I just get to be me.

    Anyway, tired ramblings…. thanks for all you do.


  5. Thanks guys, for someone who just came across your site two months ago, I am in the thick of life-change… probably more now than when I received Christ twenty years ago. As a pastor of an organized church, I trying to find balance and live in God’s love. This is both exciting and at times painful.


  6. Wayne, Brad and Darin,
    Thank you wonderful men for being the representative voices of this many membered Body that is waking up. You are a gathering point out in space both at the God Journey site and the Free Believer’s Network for people like my husband and I. The availability of just hearing your everyday down to earth podcasts is a meeting place that joins us deeper than we’ve ever been before in our marriage. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. We can feel your sweet spirit and lovely heart you are carrying, what you said is full of truth and how important it is for us to encourage one another. The work the lord deposited in your heart is indeed a work of love for the people and for our Lord. I was encouraged with what you are doing to the body of Christ. The simple truth is God never intended that we get into big building programs, but rather building people into Disciples of Christ. There is no better way to do that than in the simple way of relationship and share and encourage each other. A relationship built around people and not buildings, a relationship where disciples are being shown how to follow Christ, not simply told how to follow Christ. Paul said “follow me as I follow Christ.” That should be the statement of every one of us and Christian worker. We appreciate to be joined together with you because of the reflection of Jesus Christ that you are showing to us. It is the example of our lives observed by others that will benefit the body of Christ. My prayer for you during this Advent season is for all the fullness of God to pour out from you upon all you come into contact with and that the true meaning of the Incarnation, Christ in Us will be realized by all. God bless you and know you did encourage me.

    The bible is full of accounts of the history of kingdoms; some belonging to this world and one to God Himself. The book of Revelation reveals the climax of history and the destination of all kingdoms; those of this world to destruction but that of God to eternal salvation. It is imperative we know which kingdom we are in and are building. Revelation 18:4 clearly states that many of God’s people are in Babylon and have to escape unless they wish to perish with her. Paul, in his letter to the people of God in Corinth , explains that many will have all that they have worked for destroyed as if it was wood, hay or stubble. I fear that many who have built great empires in the modern church environment will have their activities suffer the same fate.

    The book of Genesis shows the beginnings of many of these kingdoms. Beginnings are significant because they set the course for the future development. A plant put into a pot will grow according to the shape and size of the pot. Much thought has to be given to the beginning if the end shape and size is important. It is the same with kingdoms. A kingdom takes the shape and size of the “pot” in which it is placed. The beginnings of Babylon and Jerusalem could not be any different. One is open and hostile, the other, hidden and full of reconciliation
    Thank you once again for your love and may the lord bless you so much.

    Your son and daughter

    Isaac & Emily.

  8. The “What about fellowship?” question reminds me of the “What about socialization?” question homeschoolers get.

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