High Risk, High Reward of Relational Community

Some of those who gathered in White Bluff, TN

For the first time Brad and Wayne recorded an episode of the The God Journey before a live audience at their recent retreat in White Bluff, TN. The conversation turned to the high risk, high reward reality of relational community. People showed up to the retreat from all over that part of the U.S. and some England in the mere hopes that our conversations together would be helpful and meaningful. The result was a surprise to most people. Relational community is like that. We can regiment a safer meeting, but the corresponding depth seem to be very low. If you want to find meaningful fellowship with fellow-travelers on this journey you'll have to take some risks to discover them? (If you want to see pictures from their time there, you can view a host of them at the here.)


  1. As I with my friends of friends are learning “what to do next” I have come to the conclusion it is basically living in the church parking lot. If people can just pretend your in the parking lot and you don’t have to go in. Its perpetual friendship and fellowship. I love embracing the techno connecting. Its joyful because the pressure is off. That is just plain fun.

  2. Wayne and Brad,

    I cannot begin to say enough good things about this life pod cast, man oh man!
    I will share more later but I’m on a break and have to head back to work soon.
    Suffice it to say I will be blogging on this soon as well.

    I so love you both. 🙂

  3. Awesome to know that this actually worked. Glad that you were able to get it ripped from the CD and publish it on the site. It was great to relive that wonderful conversation we shared that weekend. Jesus bless you!


  4. Hey, you guys need to do more of this ‘live’ stuff. It was great! (Did you hear me clapping?) Looking forward to the rest of the conversation next week. Thanks to everyone who made the trek to White Bluff. I related to the the guy who drove up from Houston alone and the lady who drove in with much difficulty. You’re my kind of people! Way to go! I appreciated hearing the heartfelt conversation among you all. If Brad & Wayne do something like this again in the future, I’ll do my level best to join you (hopefully not alone).

  5. This was enjoyable. No agenda. No one attempting to “capture” followers to their views. Wow, just the thought of kicking back discussing where everyone is on their journey without the fear of “getting it wrong” or not “feeling” as “spiritual” as maybe someone else in the group, or being dominated with theology, but being truly loved and accepted by others who are at various stages of learning to live loved by Father. I pray that Father will do whatever it is he does to open my eyes to that reality right where I am… or where ever, because I think that is truly the way we love God… Thanks for sharing this podcast with us.

  6. Wayne and Brad,

    What an awesome gathering! Thank you so much for sharing it with us in your podcast. The preciousness of this kind of gathering, where brothers and sisters can connect and engage in true relationship, with no agenda or expectations, just emulating Father’s love to one another, no matter where we are in our journeys.

    I can’t wait to hear next weeks podcast!

  7. Good podcast as usual. I just can’t figure out one thing. Why is Wayne always telling Brad to watch it? Some inside joke? Sounds like my dad when I was a kid. It was my signal to get out of the room – fast. “Waaaatch ittt…”

    Whoa. Scary. 🙂

  8. Wow…what an awesome time that must have been. I am upset that I didn’t know about this. I live in Nashville and could have gone. Do you know if this may be something that will happen again?

    I recently stumbled across this ministry not to long ago. Any suggestions on how to stay current with meetings or conferences. My wife and I have been out of the IC for about three years…looking for others to gather with.


  9. Any chance that “outside the institutional church” is becoming another denomination? Aye Carumba, it’s everywhere!

  10. Really enjoyed this podcast. I go to a Singles homegroup which I enjoy and get to know friends thru-sponsored by our church. I have to wonder now how much is our weekly religious event; and how much is open; spontaneous sharing moved by a community God-Journey; so this is a real ; deep podcast to consider. Nevertheless-I try to listen to 3 of these podcasts per month so I dont get lost in religious conditioning. Thanks so much for a very enjoyable and thought-provoking podcast.

  11. I really enjoyed this particular episode. Any chance you guys will be doing any more of these on the road podcasts?

  12. Mike, we love to when we can, but Brad and I don’t travel a lot together and it is a bit cumbersome to get the equipment and find an audience. But if the situation presented itself again,I’m sure we would….

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