Sexual Brokenness Resources

These are resources that Dr. Renee found useful in her journey through sexual brokenness. Their listing here is for the benefit of the listener only. We don't have first hand-knowledge of these resources or ministries and therefore are not recommending them directly.

Books (links are to Amazon, but almost all be found on the Exodus site)

 For those who struggle:

  • Strength in Weakness, by Andrew Comiskey (my favorite)
  • Pursuing Sexual Wholeness, Andrew Comiskey
  • Desires in Conflict, Joe Dallas (geared toward men, but it was the first book I connected with)
  • Restoring Sexual Identity, Ann Paulk (geared toward women, but I didn't relate)
  •  For parents/friends:

  • God's Grace and the Homosexual Next Door, Alan Chambers
  • When Homosexuality Hits Home, Joe Dallas (my mom appreciated this one)
  • 101 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality, Mike Haley
  • For both:

  • The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality,  Dallas/Heche (new & very comprehensive!)
  • What's so Amazing about Grace?, Philip Yancey (just one related chapter, but a great read & small group study)
  • Dealing with Pro-gay theology

  • The Gay Gospel? Joe Dallas

  • Love Won Out website
  • Love Won Out videos (Joe Dallas, Ann Heche, Melissa Fryrear and others.)
  • Exodus resources
  • Exodus youth
  • Desert Stream Ministries/Living Waters (a healing ministry for the sexually & relationally broken) 
  • Pure Passion TV videos (Exodus staff & more: Joe Dallas, Mike Goeke, Alan Chambers, Dennis Jernigan, Cy Rogers, Neil Anderson, Dean Greer...) 
  • First Stone Ministries (an Exodus ministry in OK with a great collection of diverse articlesfull library on PDF on this $3 CD.


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