About Wayne Jacobsen

I’ve been on a life-long search to find out just how real God wants to be in my life and how I can connect with his church in a way that fulfills the aspirations of Scripture.

Forty-two years of that were in conformity-based settings, where I tried to figure out what God expected of me and do my best to give it to him. There were many wonderful moments on that stretch of the journey, but they were few and far between. Mostly I remember being frustrated that the promise of Scripture never seemed to bear fruit in my life.

In 1994 after serving as a pastor of two different congregations over twenty years, my world collapsed in a painful betrayal and with it my confidence that my approach to him was all he meant it to be. I began to discover that religious performance was not the way to life and that the relationship he wanted with me could not be built on my effort. I began to discover how loved I was by him and how that love becomes the transforming power in how I see God, myself, and others around me. I’ve chronicled that story in my articles at Lifestream.org, and in books I’ve written, most notably He Loves Me.

I have been married to my college sweetheart, Sara, since 1975. Growing in our relationship with each other and sharing together whatever life throws at us is the single greatest joy of my life. We reside in Newbury Park, California where we enjoys our two adult children and three delightful grandchildren. Our life is full of people we care about and who encourage us.

As a writer and teacher I travel the world helping believers sort out what it means to live freely in the life of Christ. I’ve written numerous books including He Loves MeSo You Don’t Want to Go to Church AnymoreAuthentic RelationshipsIn SeasonA Man Like No Other, and Finding Church. I also collaborated on the writing of The Shack and helped create Windblown Media, the publishing company behind the phenomenon. I was a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal during much of the time I pastored. My articles and audio recordings on spiritual growth and relational community can be found at my home website, Lifestream.org. You can also follow my blog there.

My passion is to live deeply live in the Father’s affection every day and help as many people as I can experience that same joy.


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