Listening to Learn (#604)

As a society have we learned only seem to week out information that confirms our biases? What's our first inclination when we hear a conflicting voice? Is it to research their ideas and see if it reshapes the way I think, or is it to mount an argument to discredit those we consider our adversaries and prove to ourselves how right we are? Learning to listen to others, whether we end up agreeing with them or not, is an important process to learning and growth personally, and finding a pathway to consensus and collaboration in the culture. Unfortunately we're becoming a culture that only preaches with factions that preach to their own choir and becoming increasingly polarized.

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  1. You know, when you both were talking about how people disagree nowadays and how the person with the opposing opinion is considered an idiot and no common ground is sought, it occurred to me that we’re going to have a generation of people who will only know this divisive climate and way of discourse. That’s sobering.

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    butt, dupe, spectacle, figure of fun, stooge, fall guy; “their nation has become the laughingstock of the world”????Our nation, our leaders, us . . . We can contribute to either. Sadly, we are increasingly becoming the latter. #THEANSWER – God, but we would not have it, Them, LOVE.

    There is more good going than we can see, and in it, in LOVE, we are far richer than we know. That we cant see or know is a tragedy. Instead we choose anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, violence of all kinds. We veil it, but ultimately it rears its ugly head.

    Why I choose to follow a very different King, and be a subject of His Kingdom.?

  3. So I wanted to push back against the idea that equality and “fairness” isn’t in scripture as part of heathy society. When laying out the law for Hebrew society, He put in place the Year of Jubilee. When he divided up the land, everything was equal and He put into place the mandate to return to that every 50 years. All debts forgiven. All land returned. All slaves freed. Return to the place of equality. This shows us that our Father isn’t interested in maintaining power structures and gains. And in the EARTHLY society He was shaping, He put in that reset every 50 years.

    Another push back for consideration, God has zero intrest in our pathetic versions of fair. He demonstrates that in the parable of the workers who start at different times of day. Inherently unfair, to our understanding of the term! But He shows us that good leadership operates from a place of wisdom and lavish generosity, and not score keeping and exacts. He does it again as the Father to the older brother. We LOVE things to be “fair” and get super bent out of shape when we are the older brother and the all day laborer and we think we’ve been jiped. But when we are on the receiving end of that extra grace and support, fairness isn’t on our mind. The point being, we need to be really self reflective when the reaction starts coming up in us that something is off about fairness or equality – because the very reaction usually that means we’re the ones feeling short changed somehow and that someone else is getting extra. That should be our signal to adjust our perspective and see where Grace is moving.

    • Hi Rebecah, this is Wayne. I do appreciate your comments and passion here. And I love your observation of how self-based our feelings of fairness often are. Yes, I believe justice and fairness are in Father’s heart and will grow in ours as we find greater freedom in his love. I think our point was that demanding equality and fairness from God when we compare our lives to others, usually doesn’t help us. Life is grossly unfair in a broken world, which gives us something to overcome with him, not something to fruitlessly demand from him.

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