Living Loved

The journey of learning to live in the love of the Father progresses at the confluence of two streams: our unfolding circumstances and the ongoing revelation of God's wonder. In response to a powerful email of transformation, Brad and Wayne discuss how our conversations with God at those points is what moves the journey forward and keeps us growing in his life and love. There are many advocates for what some call the grace message or the love message that make it merely another theological counterpoint. But learning to live loved is not primarily a theology it is a way of living. Those who actually live loved, instead of just trumpeting it from a soapbox, demonstrate that in they way they live their lives and treat others.

A Good Place To Start

What this podcast is all about. For those who are just starting to listen to The God Journey, these podcasts will give you a good overview of the themes and views of our show.

Current Events/Touching the World

Transition from Religion

The Transition From Religion

Friendship in Jesus

Growing in Trust

Guidance from God

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Pain and Trials

The Nature of Church

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