Embracing His Glory #13 (#766)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to ever-increasing glory".  Drawn from the book of John, Wayne unveils how Jesus did this in a relational engagement with his followers, and how he wants to do that in us as well.  This week he talks about how following Jesus is less about getting directions all the time as it is learning to think the way Jesus thinks about the people and circumstances we confront.  


  1. “It is not in God’s nature to leave you alone.” Oh yes!
    Watchman Nee spoke passionately about the precious truth that we are “IN Christ.” It is our Father’s doing that we are in Christ, so He can say, I will never leave you nor forsake you!
    What precious thoughts indeed.

  2. Great podcast Wayne! I love how simple it really is, to walk in God’s love when we relax into being totally open and honest with Him. He truly loves us!! On soaking in God’s word…something I have done and found it very beneficial and highly recommend it, is to get an audio copy of the scriptures and just listen to it from Gen to Rev. I love listening to it every day. I never tire of it and it continually inspires and feeds my innermost being. There are number of different versions which a person can download on their iphone or ipod… My favourite is the dramatized NKJV version called The Word of Promise. Anyone who has trouble reading or keeping their eyes open will find this a beautiful way to soak in God’s Word.

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