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Two Real Guys Talking About Life

In the spring of 2000 Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings met for the first time. They had been aware of the other through mutual friends, but came to face-to-face in an unplanned (at least by them) encounter. That led to lunch, to a growing friendship, and to conversations they both found insightful and encouraging to their own journeys.

In 2004 Brad was approached about hosting a drive-time radio show on a Los Angeles Christian station. He approached Wayne about co-hosting with him, and that never came to fruition, it got them thinking about how valuable their conversations were to each other and decided to share them with whomever wanted to listen by putting them online as an mp3 file. This is before either of them and most anyone else had ever heard of podcasting.

In March of 2005, they launched The God Journey to encourage other people on their journeys by honestly sharing their own. Here were two brothers on a journey to discover as much of God’s fullness as they can. As former pastors, authors and counselors, Wayne and Brad offer an engaging mix of wisdom, humor and compassion for those sorting out who God is and what it means to follow him. They talk freely about the failures of religion and the fallacies of secularism in our culture in an open, accessible dialogue that will be equally helpful, enlightening and entertaining to believers and nonbelievers alike. They celebrate the adventure of growing in the life of Jesus in an ever-increasing secular society in a way that is intelligently accessible and practically relevant.

Over the years they’ve talked about everything—events in their personal lives, their own struggles and questions, and their growing edges. They also comment on current events, religious trends, and Scriptures that have helped them engage God. But they wanted it to be an ever-expanding conversation with those who are thinking outside the box of religious performance so they have also added voices from others around the world who are on similar journeys. They also share listener emails and blog comments as they invite others into the conversation.

In 2006 and 2007 listeners to the podcast had a front-row seat as Wayne and Brad helped Paul Young re-write and then publish The Shack. The enthusiasm of the audience here helped turn it a world-wide publishing phenomenon as books were shipped out of Brad’s garage.

For seven years and 372 podcasts they shared that journey with thousands of listeners. All of those conversations are still available in our archive. In the fall of 2012 the podcast took a different direction as life Wayne and Brad in different directions and they found it increasingly difficult to find the time to do these podcasts together. Though Brad remained a frequent guest Wayne hosted it alone and involve many more listeners in this expanding conversation.

At podcast #531, Brad was able to return as co-host. Who knows where this journey will take them from here. They are still on the adventure and will continue The God Journey as long as they enjoy the conversations themselves, and they are fruitful for others.

If you’re interested in the technical aspects of how we record, edit, and publish the podcast, please see our Technical Details page.


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