Technical Details: How We Do Our Podcast

For those that want the details of how we produce our podcast

  • We record off of two Shure SM7B Cardioid Studio Vocal Mics with windscreens.
    They are plugged into an Alesis Multimix 8 mixer, that plugs into a Roland R05 digital recorder. We record the podcast there.
  • I then import the WAV recording into Sound Studio on my Mac. That’s a downloadable program.
  • Finally I imported into Garageband where I make the final mix with the music and export it as a file to iTunes.
  • Then I "Export podcast to disk" as a "Spoken Podcast."
  • Finally I take the file through ID3 Editor to tag the file with the appropriate artwork
  • Finally I upload it to our website, and use a WordPress blog and Feedburner, which sends our link to iTunes and other subscription services.