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People of the Kingdom (#671)


A gospel that only concerns itself with getting people saved and does not help them come alive in the kingdom where God reigns, is a truncated Gospel that will leave people bored and empty, adrift in the cares of the world. On Wayne's recent trip to Tulsa, he catches up with his dear friend Tom Mohn, for a conversation about the kingdom of God, and why it would be best for us to be more focused on his kingdom than we are on his church. Living in the ways of the kingdom is what brings depth and vitality to our walk in Christ. How do we let this kingdom live through us, as it shapes our lives and reveals his light and wonder to a world in desperate need of him, even if they don't know it yet?

Podcast Notes:
The Demand Project
Tom's Podcast: Good Morning Fellow Pilgrim
Tom's Book: Good Morning Brother Pilgrim
The Unshakeable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person by E. Stanley Jones
Previous Podcasts with Tom
The latest news from our project in Kenya

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