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Are the Spirits Still Dancing? (#769)


"None of us are immune to the power of what our hearts have grown to love." Do you remember the vision we shared on this podcast a while back about two demonic spirits dancing together over a map of the United States? Given all the events of the last few months, Wayne invited Bob back to discuss what he sees of that vision and how those spirits are involved in the increased polarization of our country over the past few months. The rise in anger and violence portends a troubled future if we don't do our part to disarm those principalities and powers with humility and prayer.

Podcast Notes:
The Social Dilemma documentary
What Jerry Falwell Taught Me at Liberty University
Charisma Article - The Spiritual Reality
Past Podcasts with Bob
The Spirits Danced - Part 1 & Part 2
Can You Help Us One More Time in Kenya? 




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