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The Power of Vulnerability (#852)


Following up on last week's conversation about The Divisiveness of Compassion, Kyle and Wayne interact with some of their listeners about the power of vulnerability. It can open doors to deep conversation and healing and it can also be misused to crush someone's heart. Be vulnerable with those who have demonstrated they will be a safe space for you and learn to recognize the characteristics of those who will use your vulnerability to control or manipulate you. The world needs more people who can incubate a place in their hearts that is safe for others to share their stories with us. Also, they talk a bit about the vulnerability before God that allows his will to unfold around us, meandering inside the chaos of brokenness rather than drawing a straight line to what we think is best.

Podcast Notes:
The Jake Colsen Book Club will be held Saturday, July 2 at 1:00 pm PDT.  You'll have to work that out in your own time zone. We will be covering Chapter 3 on Christian education.  The link will be available next week. Watch for the announcement on Wayne's blog at
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