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Masculinity and Femininity (#811)

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How much of our gender confusion today results from warped stereotypes of masculinity and femininity? Tessa Van Wade, the author of Out of The Shadows, joins Wayne and Kyle for a discussion about what young men and women need to hear to help them claim their own God journey. How different is that for young men and young women?  They soon find themselves in a conversation about expectations for both genders, especially in a religious construct, and how confining they can be on an individual level. Stereotypes are often used to foment fear and to conform people to the expectations of others, making them less authentic in their own relationship with God. They talk about moving away from the culture of fear so that we can truly see someone for who they are and discover what it is to love them.

Podcast Notes:
Facebook Page for planning a gathering of twenty and thirty-somethings
Book Trailer for Out of the Shadows  •  Order Out of the Shadows at or Blue Sheep Media
Tessa Van Wade's website
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