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When Is Self-Care Not Selfish? (#933)

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So much of religious thinking preys on our fears of God or others thinking of us as selfish. That fear, however, keeps many from the self-care necessary to heal from trauma or resist the efforts of controlling people in our lives. Why is is so easy for us to cave to the pressure of religious obligations or the fear of what others might think instead of listening when our hearts and bodies are alerting us that we are moving beyond the grace God's current process transformation allows? Wayne and Kyle talk about honoring the process of what Jesus is working in you so that you won't be caught in those extreme situations that will take you beyond what you can bear. With a reference to The Matrix, they talk about those who prefer to live in the bondage of a comforting illusion than to risk what it might mean to see the truth and follow it. They also explore how the encouragement to forgiveness can be used as a weapon instead of allowing it to be the fruit of Jesus's work in us.

Podcast Notes:

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