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Transforming Love #8: The Whole-Hearted Yes (#874)


What does it look like to follow Jesus out of love, rest, and play, instead of obligation or fear? Religious performance  prefers pretend conformity to authenticity and truth. Pretense, however, is not the way we grow, change, and discover how God's life flows in and throughus. Wayne and Kyle discuss how God invites us to whole-heartedly responding to him; those who settle for terrified obedience miss out on the glory of his kingdom. This is part eight of the Transformational Love series they began this winter. You can follow the archives to catch up if you missed the previous ones.

Podcast Notes:
First-hand account of being ritualistically spanked as a child
Henri Nouwen's quote is from Spiritual Formation: Following the Movements of the Spirit
The video version of the recording of this podcast

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