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The following list is provided as a service to our listeners. These sites have NOT been reviewed by Brad or Wayne and their listing here does not guarantee our agreement with their content. They are listed here because the host of the site claims to be a regular listener of The God Journey and that their blog or website discusses similar themes of spiritual life and growth . If you'd like to list your site, please email us to let us know and list only one blog OR one website, please. Also include your name (just first is OK) and home town or state or both.

FB Page for connecting in Japan
FB Page for connecting in Virginia


Brushed (Andy Gray • Japan)
Digging Deeper (Wayne Herninko • Germantown, MD)
Faithfully Dangerous (Kent Burgess • St. Louis, MO)
Fueled by Grace (Mark Shiver • Raleigh, NC)
GraceBrakes (Brittany Baird • Norfolk, VA)
Greg's Head (Greg Campbell • Palmyra, NY)
In-Between (Steve Sevy • Long Beach, CA
Lessons on the Journey (Greg Souders • Thomasville, GA)
Lifestream Blog (Wayne Jacobsen • Newbury Park, CA)
Ken's Back Home (Ken Kirby • Nashville, TN)
Living In the River (Marc Clarke and Brian Stayte • Indianapolis, IN)
Old Guys Follow Christ (RC • Abilene, TX)
Open Church Net (believers in Truro, Cornwall, UK)
Pilgrim Talk (Ant and Dave • Ireland)
Raw Reflections (Jeff Williams • Germantown, Maryland)
Rethinking Everything (Evan Black • Olathe, KS)
Signs of the Times (George Dunn • Charlotte, NC)
The Brown Eyed Ninja (Ken Richmond Dalton, GA)
The Mother Lode (Theresa Lode • Nashville, TN)
Till He Comes (Jeremy Myers • Salem, Oregon)
Underground Priesthood (Greg Watson  •  Paducah, KY)
What If...? (Ulf • Melbourne, Australia)
When God Waits (Jerome • Summerfield, NC)


Geliebt Leben (Guido Erlinger • Germany)
Christian Seminar & Training Services (Sylvia Fraser • Toowoomba, QLD, Australia)
Day2Day Conversations (Martin and Jill • Woking, U.K.)
Discovering Biblical Church (Randy • Colorado Springs, CO)
His Life (John Langford • Wimborne, U.K.)
The Sheep Shed • Judy (Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK)
Untangling Christianity • (John Poelstra • Portland, Oregon and Gregg Monteith • Calgary, AB, Canada)