The Best Tool In the Toolshed (#740)

The Holy Spirit is the best guide we have to draw us to God, and the best tool to help us in that process is the Bible. To separate those two can cause us fits on our God journey, and rob us of a valuable source of wisdom. Unfortunately, many people have discarded the Bible because of the religious tool it has become. Two podcasts with Courtney with a further discussion on an After-show, as well as Wayne's new Bible appreciation series for kids, The Jesus Story, has opened up lots of listener input and questions for Wayne about his view of Scripture. So, after processing a couple of painful incidences of racism in the news this week, Kyle helps Wayne sort through his view of Scripture in light of the emails he has received. They talk about verbal and plenary inspiration, "Sola Scriptura," and how interpreting the Bible as a treasure map can safeguard us from being trapped by interpretations that lead us to religious performance.

Podcast Notes:
Wayne's Blog on the Racist Climate in U.S. This Can't Keep Happening
The Jesus Story
The Jesus Lens
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  1. Just listened to “The Best tool in the toolshed” and the two treasure map podcasts. I appreciate your candor and honesty and agree that we put way too much trust in religion and religious things. I have been learning about grace and love for the past few years and. God by his Spirit has been showing me things I never would have see on my own. It is an awesome journey. Somewhere in one of the talks I heard you say that you didn’t think that the Bible had the answers to the 21st century questions. I disagree with that because God shows me answers from both Old and New Testament Scriptures for issues the I have to deal with in my life and attitude as well as with other things that happen. Granted He doesn’t always give me specifics to say I need to go here to work or turn right at the next light, but His Word does shed light on every situation in my life. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Dave

    • Thanks for writing, Dave. It sounds like you’re on a great journey. I don’t know what I said that sounded to you like I don’t think the Bible has answers for the 21st Century, but that is not what I believe. It answers the deepest questions of our time, but it doesn’t address the specifics of many things we live in like a capitalistic, democratic republic, or driving cars, or what vocation we might choose. All those things and many others have changed drastically since biblical times. That’s what I was referring to. It won’t tell you what to do in most situations, other than those with direct moral implications. But it does give us a way to understand how God thinks and what his purposes are that we can apply to our time. I hope that’s a bit clearer.

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