After-Show: Scripture and Trust (#737)

On Sunday afternoon a few of us got together on The God Journey After-Show to follow-up my conversation last week with Courtney. We covered questions about how we interpret Scripture as a progressive revelation of God's nature and how we follow him if we can't find all the answers we need in the Scriptures. We had fourteen God Journey listeners in the conversation ranging from Europe to Canada and the U.S. A special thanks to all who participated. If you prefer, you can watch the video version on the God Journey Facebook Page.

Podcast Notes:
The Jesus Story
The Jesus Lens
The Latest from Kenya


  1. Excellent as always. I was delighted to be able to listen in. Thank you so much. Do it again if you like. Do it on a regular basis. Do it weekly. Then rent a building and……..(oops)

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this episode of the podcast and the previous 2 episodes. There was so much to unpack. I’ve been listening to the God Journey for about 4 years and this series has made one of the biggest impacts. Thank you for facilitating this conversation!

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