Relying on the Spirit (#660)

Brad's back from Hong Kong where he spent some time exploring what God has done among the drug addicts and drug dealers in the former Walled City, It is also a place where God made himself known in some amazing ways all because Jackie Pullinger, a twenty-year old, single woman from England heard God's invitation to come to the Walled City and love the people there. That was over fifty years ago and continues to bear fruit among some of the most desperate people in Hong Kong. He shares his adventure with Wayne and how it has ignited him to live with a greater dependence on the power of the Spirit, instead of relying on human ingenuity and effort.

Podcast Notes:
Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger
The latest news from our project in Kenya


  1. Great podcast! Although my wife is Chinese, I’ve never been to Hong Kong (too expensive! and they don’t speak mandarin) but maybe we need to go.
    I read Chasing the Dragon in the early 80s when I myself was working in a Christian drug rehab in London. The story was well-known back then and it inspired many.

    I do hope that the film is made. And I particularly hope that it is made primarily for a Chinese audience, so that the message isn’t lost in western thinking and western culture.
    The concepts that Brad is picking up are deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. Like respect for one’s elders – parents, grandparents etc. Losing (and giving) face are more important than many things we value. And yes, the gospel is uniquely entwined in the writing.

    But sadly many if not most churches in China look to the West as a model. So the Chinese government is clamping down on churches (and I don’t see it as a bad thing).
    What some see as persecution, is to a degree, the Chinese government wanting to preserve the uniqueness of the Chinese culture, some elements of which are being rapidly eroded by western thinking and are being directly challenged by Islam.
    I pray that the end result of any movie will be understandable by the mainstream Chinese public, not only to the western mind.

    There are a couple of versions of The Shack available in Chinese (that I’ve seen). I’ve given away a few copies. It used to be available on Chinese Amazon. I haven’t looked lately.

  2. I read Chasing the Dragon 30 years ago it didn’t enspire me instead frightened the life out of me that God would call me to go. I spoke to my then Pastor who settled me down saying God wants me to look after my four children the last one then eight weeks old, my husband a non believer be a good example to him.
    All I could do then was thank God. I look back now after 41 years and feel like a dumb dumb

    Gail from Oz

  3. Brad, this story from Hong Kong was great! I for one look for stories everywhere like this, particularly when it is apparent that people are being radically Saved & changed by the love of the Father, the pure fellowship in Christ and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. Also, the testimony of Jackie Pullinger who seems from your account to be wholeheartedly committed to making God look good (bringing glory to God), and not looking to share his Glory.

    Additionally, Wayne, your update on the work in Pokot was deeply encouraging, especially your words; “The Craziest Thing I’ve Been Asked to Do… And it may be the most significant thing I do in my lifetime., This is a huge statement, in light of your work on “The Shack”, as it is my personal belief that the Spirit is most quickened in our western beings when our relationship with the Father, compels us to help others to survive so they can, in turn, help even more to survive. And ultimately along the way, in the chain of helping another, and those helping still others, it is a guarantee that the Good News of Jesus Christ, is, in deed and or word, being boldly proclaimed! Praise GOD!!!

  4. Wow what fun. Love the little steps God takes us through. I would LOVE to see the Chinese character that Brad talks about for “gang righteousness” Pictogram lamb over you and breathe of spirit. It is so fitting, confirming, for something God gave me a little breakthrough for.

  5. Hi Wayne

    Great podcast as usual. One sentence just stopped me cold and I spent the rest of the day thinking about it. Brad said Jackie had been taught how to listen to the Spirit and then respond.


    Merry Christmas!


  6. Loved the podcast. Wayne, please let Brad know about this book that I read 25 years ago that explains the Gospel story in Chinese characters which shows that thousands of years ago, the Chinese knew about Yahweh and the promised Gospel. The book is called, “The Discovery of Genesis: How the Truths of Genesis Were found Hidden in the Chinese Language” by CH Kang and Ethel R Nelson.

  7. I’s so excited to hear that Brad’s working on a film about this wonderful story of Papa’s leading and a young woman’s following. I also was deeply touched by it several years ago when I read it. I didn’t know Jackie is still living there, though!? May Papa lead all in the film making and may we learn to listen and obey the Spirit as Jackie did/does. (About that “the Discovery of Genesis” book, I’ve read it, too, and recently talked to a student about the meaning of the kanji for “righteousness.”)

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