Overcoming the Matrix (#831)

Can we untangle the life of Jesus from how the religion of Christianity has distorted and trivialized it? Kyle and Wayne have just seen the new Matrix movie and once again the parallels between that and our current culture approach the prophetic. They share some powerful lines from the movie such as, "Nothing travels faster than light... except gossip."If we don’t know what’s real we can’t resist." And, "Quietly yearning for what you don't have while dreading losing what you do—for 99.9% of your race that is the definition of reality, desire and fear." They also sum up what 2021 meant to each of them personally and look ahead to what's in their hearts as they go into 2022. Themes they cover include, being still and holding God's work in our hearts as well as being joyfully sober in the days to come.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Thanks again Kyle and Wayne for this conversation. Being currently in a space of learning and processing…..please keep these chats coming!

  2. To ‘the mean ole geezer,’
    You said ‘sum up 2022 in one word.’ Without thinking I responded: hope. Later you corrected yourself and said 2021; so having been ‘sensitised’ I gave a little thought and came up with: released.
    And as for statements like the speed of light being slower than gossip, I came across one that was reputedly on one of the walls in a bathroom, at the University of the Witwatersrand (in Johannesburg) which stated- man is a passing phase in the life cycle of a sperm.

    Blessings to you and yours, this year.
    Sincerely – John Wilks

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