Living Gleefully in the Hallway (#466)

hallwayMoments of transition are possible where we look beyond our circumstances and get a glimpse of a greater reality and freedom that lies at the heart of the Father's love for us. Will we risk what we have to embrace something new? Wayne reflects on last week's podcast on experiencing the new creation through the words of many who wrote him talking about their own experience finding their way into God's life. It has made Wayne aware that his favorite place to spend time with people are when people are standing on the verge of a new reality, but still hesitant whether they can or should risk the security of what they know to take a chance on more wide open spaces. The conversations he loves most are those with people who are ready for the encouragement that takes them down the road less traveled.

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  1. Hello Wayne! This podcast struck a chord in me, and falls right in to where I have been these past 3 months with God. I see it now as a definitive transition. Letting go of the security of what I know… to take a chance on the great wide open space I feel him gently leading me into…perfect phrase to describe what my dear Father is bringing me to. One of the things I have been learning lately, is not to take it so hard when I grow…lol I don’t know why, certain things I learn, make me look back and go…uh oh…why didn’t I know that then? Was there something wrong with me? Did I not know what I thought I did? Which led to…was that God I was hearing/getting to know.And if not, what now? I realized later that I was believing a lie, in all this hamster wheel nonsense. Not that I could have gotten some things wrong, cause…duh…human here. But that i was believing a lie about Gods character. That even if I wasn’t always faithful, he was!! That where I was, was part of where I am now, even if some of the things were what I learned not to do.;) I guess it in part came down to being ok, if I was, or am wrong about some things, not because I want to remain there. But because I have a loving Father, who will lead me and guide me through to all truth and life! And that even when I fail, he will still be faithful. And all I ever need to do is just turn to him, lean back…breathe..and enjoy the ride!!! I wonder if that’s what God meant when he said for the joy that was set before us..we endure the cross, despising the shame…?? I think we should definately despise shame…tho I have all too often embraced it.. I am beginning to learn how rotten it is! I would love to hear thoughts on this…why we have such a hard time getting rid of shame? What you said Wayne about learning that it’s not all about right and wrong, is exactly what it feels like He has been trying to show me! And I am excited to learn more!!!

  2. I had to listen to this since I wrote a post earlier this year entitled, Is it hell in the hallway?
    I am all about being outside the box and I enjoy your messages. So many of us working on the same “journey”.
    I found that I was suffering more than necessary because in fact I know I am living my faith which leads me on a path with many unexpected events. Many things to let go of. And so many blessings to receive when I do this. Thanks for the message!

  3. “I had the theology, but not the reality…!”

    Dang Wayne… that statement sums up my world…

    I already know what you’re gonna say, but I still need to ask it: if the idea is to relax into the Father’s affection – not striving, but allowing Him to reach out to us and reveal His love – then how the heck can we hurry up the revelation? (!)

    All my life I have been told that to ‘get closer’ we just need to ‘press in’. Intellectually, I know that this way of thinking is in actual fact the opposite to how it actually works, but my heart has not yet made this leap. It’s exceedingly hard to let go of the striving and relax into the awareness of His love.

    I want SO much to live in ‘the reality of His love’, but currently am living in ‘the frustration of knowing that it’s there, but not knowing how to reach it’!

    I understand that it’s an awakening – that I already AM loved, but just not yet fully aware of it yet. The frustration is that if being aware is the place that makes all my problems less so, then that’s where I want to be – only there is no button to press to make it so… I wish there was.

    The tricky part is letting it happen… how, oh how do we do that?

  4. Hi Dan, and others. I love that this discussion is tapping into the hunger to give attention to the relationship and engage him with greater intentionality and with greater connection. The best I know to help people with that put into the Engage series at Lifestream. These 5-8 minute videos were hoping to coach people who want to recognize how God is building a relationship with them in a series of videos to give them something to think about for a week or two at a time and watch how that helps them see more clearly into Father’s working. They are free and I hope helpful for what you’re asking.

  5. I really liked the title “Living gleefully in the hallway”. But then I found that perhaps even the hallway is too constrained. (I may be pushing the metaphor too far.)

    In Psalm 18:19 it reads: He also brought me out into a broad place; He delivered me because he delighted in me.” Some translations say wide-open spaces for broad place.

    As human beings we have a tendency to contain, put parameters around something.

    When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain, Peter’s solution in Matthew 17 was:
    “Lord, it is good for us to be here; if You wish, let us make here three tabernacles: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”

    There is an element of control perhaps in this desire to contain, but it is also part of our need to bring understanding to something. Something that is too broad or big may be too hard to comprehend, so we compartmentalize in order to bring it to a place where we can grasp its meaning. There is nothing wrong with that per se but we cannot remain there.

    I once read that the melancholy personality traits like to compartmentalize, or put in boxes, to organize. That is my bent. But then God comes along and knocks out one or more sides of the box and I find myself scrambling to bring order. Then he knocks over the box.

    Experience has taught me that the world and the devil want me confined to a label. As a part of compartmentalization, people like to label. “oh, he’s just (fill in the blank).” I lived for years under a harsh label. It limited me, it constricted me, it was a narrow channel for existence. Through the grace of God, I have come to live in a much more wide-open space.

    Are all the rooms along the hallway our efforts to contain and control, or to comprehend God? Perhaps the rooms are places to visit but not to dwell as part of our journey to comprehend. After all God is a wide open space, much larger than we or Peter for that matter could contain. Perhaps the hallway is the passage to the front door that leads to great outdoors.

  6. Hi Wayne

    Lovely as always. May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

    Your podcasts are always so encouraging to my way of life. My last assignment was with a person who would lapse in to rages, leaving her emotionally crippled and unable to function. Sometimes for days. She has been my boss this last year. Financially it was not profitable but I learned a great deal about my new profession. Just moved on to a better spot within the profession. This new year will be better.

    Spiritually. Now that is another matter. At one point this year my boss and I were driving around calling on clients. She was describing someone and said that they were a Christian like me. “You know, who believes Jesus came to show us our Father’s love”. Could have knocked me over with a feather. You may be disappointed in my reaction but I did not close in for the evangelical ” kill shot”. Just let it ride and continued to be myself. I will have one more interaction as I used my Christmas tree in the office. I am praying for just the right words. We’ll see what my Higher Partner has in store.

    We have been conversating about Matt 5 in out Sat. Am group. Whew! The blessings look like curses, sin is a gigantic problem (blind people walking around without hands) and in the middle of the carnage is the generous Father. Not great PR to start a movement. But just right for my Father. Who meets me in the hall. With a cup of coffee and a doughnut. And a warm hug.

    Blessings to you and all the confused hall dwellers. May you feel loved today.

    Love wins.


  7. This wonderful process of leaving the religious organization to follow Jesus is actually in the Bible! John’s Gospel: chapter 12:11.

    Also Wayne, your words about not getting caught up in the “right/wrong” battle nailed it for me. Thank you so very much!

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