Being Gracious With Others’ Journey

Wayne's return from Texas spawns a discussion about dealing with others' journey out of a gracious heart. Quoting from some recent engagements listeners have had with pastors from the congregations they have left or are considering leaving, Brad and Wayne talk about how we can be generous with others and God's work in them, regardless of how we perceive or engage the body of Christ. It is easy to bless those who agree with us, but more difficult to be gracious with those who don't see what we see, even as we're honest about the issues and concerns God stirs in us.


  1. Hey Wayne & Brad!
    I so love the tone you guys have had on your last few podcasts! The idea of breaking down the “us versus them” mentality has been wonderful! I was convicted a few weeks ago in my own life as I listened to the podcast on “Giving up our dividing lines.” We do really have to be careful in the words we use that we don’t draw lines in the sand. “Lord make us instruments of your peace!” has been the cry of my heart of late. I so yearn to see the church in the region that I live become one healthy body. That isn’t going to happen by building walls or placing people in catagories. Thanks for being peacemakers!

  2. I just have the chance to listen to the podcast today. Wayne in the letter the pastor wrtoe to the lady. When he quoted 1 Peter 5. After looking it up he made her case more than his. She was more the elder within that group, than he was. He also was apparently did not read that verse well about the coercion or constraint part.

    Hope all is well with you guys,


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