Openly, Honestly, Freely

This latest podcast touches a lot of bases, but mostly focusing on the freedom God brings to our lives to live openly, honestly and freely before God and with others. Brad and Wayne begin by talking about how we turn the promises of what Jesus will produce in us into commands we can never keep in our own strength and how trying to stay safe can become a prison all its own. Then they open the mailbag, and hear from some listeners who are being transformed by the podcast and others who find its tone too mocking for their tastes. Finally they end with a listener's observation that surely God could breathe into all of our hearts.


  1. Longing to walk in His loving freedom you see your bounds. You laugh about it as you learn how silly you have been. Performance dies; real life begins w/ love of the Father. Respectfully, maybe the real threshold needing crossed is within the couple’s relationship? Everyone will be offended or beset by another’s humorous outlook, etc. at some point. Settled into His love you can relax without attempting to fix or explain it. Sounds like God is working. Assist by being real. The slight “rub” may simply be a struggle with accepting what the heart already sees. Someone may often act offended when unsettled. No one wants freedom realized by someone more than Father. Let the questions come; the pain, frustration or anger surface. God helps them receive. The religious mess we found ourselves in came largely because we let others tell us the answers before we owned the questions. Questions from the heart answered by the Father settle us into reality and His arms. This we all seek and need.

  2. I cried through this podcast. It was as if Father was answering questions I asked just this morning! I am in just such a place of not necessarily disillusionment, but it’s more like bewilderment or disorientation…where the heck am I? I’m struggling with a need to be accepted by people for who I am when I’m not even sure who that is right now.

    Someone mentioned in one of the letters, that still small voice whispering, “You have no idea how much I love you.” I had to get up and walk away from my desk (I’m at work) when I heard that same sweet voice whisper to me, “Relax…just let Me love you.”

    Great podcast. Thanks guys!

  3. Hey Guys! Great podcast. In reference to the accusation (or inference) at yall that you were being “mocking”, Puhhhh-lease! I didn’t hear you guys say anything that sounded mocking. Respectfully, some folks need to quit taking themselves so seriously, AND they might want to try switching from briefs to boxers. 🙂
    Keep slingin’ fellas! You guys are speaking life, and it’s so refreshing! I have a feeling that Papa smiles regularly at you guys while you’re podcasting! Peace!


  4. Are we not to know the will of our Father? I love your message of love, it’s life changing. The first time I ever heard anything like this was through a man named Dan Mohler. You are the only other person I know speaking about love and identity like this.
    My question is, if I don’t know the will of my own Dad on sickness, I will more than likely pray a wishy washy prayer. The gospel is Yes and Amen, not may be so. Jesus is my philosophy and He never once said, “I’m not sure what the Father wants to do here, but I’ll go ahead and pray for you and we’ll just see. May be He will heal you, may be He won’t.” Jesus knew the will of his daddy and acted on it.
    When the disciples prayed for the epileptic man and he wasn’t healed, he rebuked their twisted minded way of thinking due to the fall. Was it not the will of God to heal the epileptic man? It obviously was the will of the Father to heal him, because Jesus did.

    Too many sick people die and i know if Jesus touched them they would live. Well the good news is, He’s in me and all over me. If I touch a sick person, faith to me means believing there is no difference between my hand and the hand of Jesus.

    I hear what you guys are saying about resting in His master plan, but I’m a daughter/friend/lover of Him and I don’t have to guess anymore. He said I was to know his will, and I do. He also said I would get to do “greater things” and I will. That is freakin exciting to me.
    I hope this doesn’t come across in the spirit of debate. I have so much respect for you both and just wanted to express my thoughts.
    With great respect,

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