In All Her Beauty (#758)

What do people discover when they can no longer attend their congregation due to COVID-19? The listeners take over the podcast again as Wayne reads some amazing emails from people processing their own journey with their local church when they can no longer meet because of the pandemic. This is what many pastors fear, that people will find a more refreshing walk with God away from the busyness and obligation of organized religion. The life of the church is found not in obligation but endearment and discovering that can take you on a wild but more fulfilling journey.

Podcast Notes:
Can You Help Us One More Time in Kenya? 



  1. Hello Wayne,
    This message is so rich! I am so thankful for the grace that just ripples through your teachings…so nourishing!

    You mentioned a water need. I want to make this known to you, assuming you have not heard of this:
    Perhaps you know of Scott Harrison, the founder of that huge ministry:
    Our Mission
    “charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.”

  2. Wayne, as always God speaks to us thru your words. The Holy Spirit connects dots here and there and it’s wonderful, so happy to be in this part of our faith with The Trinity. Enjoy your time off! Am hoping the podcasts don’t end.

  3. Since I left the church in “95”; that I was ordained in, I began to feel free. My leaving was due to being asked to pastor a church 2hours away. The pastor there after 40 years was retiring. It was in leaving and pastoring that I realized my need to teach what I thought was truth . So I say AMEN to your message! Love does set free! I find IT IS the narrow gate that we pass through into the mind of Christ; I.e. the transformation spoken of in Romans. So now I no longer live as someone with something to prove or perform but knowing I am loved; not being right, is where I find my security. Life is so much more important than where I was because “ it was for freedom that Christ has set us free; and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery” Gal 5:1.

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