Brad, Wayne and Paul (aka William P. Young) all pictured at left, continue their discussion about The Shack and how they came to be involved with this work. They also answer some of the questions listeners wanted to direct at Paul that were posted on the Forum. They range from how to pronounce Sarayu, to the nature of freedom and to whether or not Paul intended this book to advance the theology of ultimate reconciliation.


  1. Loved it Gents,

    Really…..having a little theological discussion without the tension, demonizing, and so on was really great…….



  2. Hi Guys,

    I listened to last weeks part one with Paul and have listened to part two up to about the first 28 min’s of it. I have to say I am some what disappointed in not allowing Paul to share more while he was there with you on these pod casts.
    I really believe he has much to share, regarding the Shack as well as many other things.
    I love listening to both of you as you well know, (Rich and Margi listening to the weekly pod cast on their day away in the car) but I was really wanting to hear more of Paul’s heart without so many interruptions.

    Being a communicator/talker myself, I know first hand how difficult it is sometimes to just let other communicators freely share their heart without all of my insights.

    Rich 🙂

  3. Great stuff! It’s great to hear the depth of your relationship in your conversation. Very few can enter into a business venture like this and remain friends.

    I would love to meet all of you some day. I feel like I know all you personally. You’re a breath of fresh air in this old world. And it’s an encouragement in this journey.


  4. I praise God for this book!!! It is brilliant! It deals with the question of God’s sovereignty vs. free will in a unconventional, yet wonderful way. Thank you, Thank GOD.

  5. First off i don’t read much. I was hanging out on your web sight,saw the shack,read the 1st chapter.The next day i ordered it,got it in and read it in 1day. It really has helped me reconsideer my understanding of what an awsome Father i serve,and to what an extent He will goto to Love me.i am working through “He loves me “now. Now, after God has taken the veil off my eyes and is revealing Himself to me and my family through relationships, we have stepped out of the club. Since doing so we have been hammered by those i thought were my closest friends. I wish i could give everyone of them a copy of all 3 of your books. Then mabet they would undersand were we are at in this journey. Tank you for your faithfulness to Father. Don’t stop. Keep on slinging………….

  6. I’m from Joliet, IL and want you to know that “The Shack” is being read here in the Midwest. My dad was Catholic and my mom Protestant so I’m from a “mixed marriage”. I found myself tearing up over an ecumenical description of both the trinity and God’s love. Thank you for giving me the words;’Tell Willie that I’m especially fond of him’.

  7. I loved the Shack so much that I read it twice. Passed it on to my spiritual family and they loved it. My servant Pastor based a whole service on reflections on The Shack, this was incredible.

  8. Gentlemen,
    Within hours of reading The Shack I was making the brash statement that “I believe it is the best book to come along since the Bible.” I was gullible enough to believe it was true (as indicated in the Foreword), not fiction, and surprised to find others automatically thought it to be fiction. The book so resonated within me that I knew beyond doubt that it was truthfully expressing the very nature of God, but oh so differently from everything I had been taught nearly my whole life (I am 66). I had to come to terms with the real possibility of it being fiction and how that would then impact my belief of what the book was portraying about God.

    Even before listening to this podcast, I had reasoned that truth or fiction did not really matter. The impact it had on me had to be God-given. You wrote fiction, but I genuinely believe it was still inspired by God and that fact is borne out by the book’s impact on those who read it. No doubt Sarayu is busily working in each reader’s garden as they progress through The Shack. I am in my second reading and plan to reread it regularly until that nature of Papa, Jesus and Sarayu are imbedded within me and becoming part of my nature.

    Thank you all for what may likely be the most influential book (other than the Bible itself) of my time. God has graciously blessed you and through your collaborative effort, all of us.

  9. Thank you – The Shack was given to me by a friend, who knows that I’ve found my way again in recent years.

    Moving, absolutely moving. Immediately upon finishing the book, I picked up my guitar and started writing lyrics for a chord progression (one that I’ve been working on); that just makes me feel good.

    Well, a little shoot from the garden of The Shack, has sprouted a small tune within me titled Sarayu.

    Before writing the tune, I intentionally did not search for meaning of the word, or pronunciation. I just let it roll off the chords as a melody – wouldn’t you know? I was close – Sah ri u! Just haven’t learned to roll those r’s yet!

    Again, Thank you – what a wonderful magnet you’ve created to the word!


    Steve Mason

  10. I’m re-reading The Shack in preparation for sharing it with my grandson whom I homeschool. As soon as we are done with To Kill a Mockingbird we’re reading The Shack. In my search to find out how to pronounce Sarayu I found this site. I love it, and plan to listen regularly.

    In listening to this podcast I am reminded of how I have always approached the bible. I believe that it contains stories about truth, not true stories.

  11. Hello boys,

    I have to tell you that I was moved by this story in ways I can’t even express. I’ve been looking for God for a long time, not that I don’t believe he’s there, or here as it were, I guess it’s just difficult for the human brain to wrap the mind around the whole idea.

    I took great comfort in this book. I cried, sometimes on the bus, I laughed and I’m going to read it again.

    I have only one question, how do I pronounce “Sarayu”


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