First Love

Don't you love meeting new people on this journey of living loved? Brad introduces Wayne to a good friend of his from Nashville who was visiting in Los Angeles. Chris DuPré is a musician, former pastor and wrote the music for the My Beautiful One CD available at Windblown Media. Chris has an inspiring story of being swallowed up in the love of God before he got sidetracked by the seducing power of religious performance, only to find his way once again back to his first love and a passionate, growing relationship with God. He will soon have a new website up about his journey at


  1. I listened to this podcast several times already, really loved it. It was fun, deep and very touching. Of course, I ordered Chris Dupre’s CD.

  2. I have a question about the retreat you talk about at the being of the pod cast. Where can I find information about this retreat? You say it is on the web site but I can’t find it.

  3. If there was a retreat like this within 100 miles of Seattle I would go! 🙂


    “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, if you teach him how to fish he will eat for a life time, but he won’t need you anymore so you better just give him a fish once a week”

  4. I would like to connect with Chris Dupre and just pass on that his story is very similar to mine and I also live in Rochester, NY and lead worship at Vineyard church. This podcast was just a reinforcement of all of the things I’ve been going through on my own journey. There is still much to be done with my relationship with my father but I know God is working it out. My email is on this reply if you want to give drop me a note Chris.

    Brad and Wayne, you are both a blessing and a relief to listen to each week. Never knowing where God takes your conversations and Brad’s comments is such a refreshing thing. I plan to have more of these types of conversations with my friends that are on this journey with me.

    Be blessed.

  5. I was looking at your Retreat details ( Just wondering, if The ‘Way’ church that is hosting that,… Is that the same organization as “The Way International” (with home base in New Knoxville, Ohio I believe) ?

  6. Oh that’s good to know, because I’m quite attracted to your site (just read ‘The Shack” !) & who knows, just might come to the retreat in april. I believe ‘The Way International’ is actually a ‘culty’ kind of group (sorta like J. Witness) is it not ?


    p.s. Thanks for the quick response Wayne !

  7. Wayne and Brad love listening to your pod cast.Have you ever had Tim King on he has written a book call Furious Pusuit it is about how God is pursuiting us much more then we pursuit Him.
    Love Dan

  8. Hey guys, love this podcast immensely. Something Chris said about being at the Vineyard Conference in 89 with John Wimber totally grabbed my heart, and for me is the heart of why I love this “God Journey” we’re on. He said “They started talking about Jesus again…”. Oh my. That’s so where I want to be. With people who are talking about Jesus.

    Thanks again guys!



  9. Wow! Loved hearing Chris share. We have similar backgrounds. I was in a Vineyard church for awhile and I loved John Wimber. Listening to Chris talk about “talking about Jesus again” stirred up bittersweet feelings like I miss him so much and not sure how to get that back. Like I’ve wasted so many years doing church…just hurts. Good to find you here on God Journey Chris. It was like catching up with a dear friend. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. Man, Amazing How God is capable of using us. You know guys I been listening to your podcasts for about four month and God already has revealed me amazing and outrageous things, the funny thing is that i’m just seventy years old and i pretty much understand what you guys are talking about about. Brad and Wayne you guys make me laugh, thanks goodness that i’m enjoying these poscasts and has had taken me away from religion. I have learn and realized that ” There’s a God who loves me more than i think he does”. These past three months i been so confident with my life in school and with my family. i’ve learn to trust him even in the darkest moment of my life. May the Lord keep you guys and bless you all for your genorasity.

  11. Thanks for your podcasts. I listen as I walk outside and sometimes laugh outloud along with you guys. I tried to link to Chris Dupries website from the podcast description, but all I got was a Go Daddy page with a bunch of advertising. Either I don’t know what I’m doing, or the link doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to explore more about him. We have one of his Cds from a long time ago . There is a song on it called “Dance with me” that reminds me of the story you told about your wife learning to dance.
    Thanks again for your podcasts.

  12. Sorry, Judy. I don’t think he’s gotten it up yet, unfortunately. But if you type his name into Google you get quite a few links to some of his work and to his Facebook and My Space page.

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