Did We Get Sin Wrong? Part V (#908)

Wayne and Sara revisit the conversation they started a month ago about how God might view sin differently than most of us have thought. They outline the environment in which Sara began to find her healing and ask the question, isn't this a better process for sin than the one religious groups have used for centuries? Instead of a performance track with "know the rules, follow the rules," Jesus invited us into an intimate friendship with himself and his Father. Safe and soothed in his presence, even before anything had changed in them, gave them the opportunity to discover his truth in a state of growing trust. That's where Sara has found her growing freedom from her trauma, and it may just be the best place for us to find freedom from the bondage of sin as well.

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  1. Wayne, having had some of our children shut us out of their lives, because we raised them under the legalism of Gothard, when you speak of cutting peopl out of your life, or encouraging Sara to do that, it is really hurtful.
    Sometimes I think I come back to the podcast every week because something sick inside me has a need to be flagellated.
    Many times I come in eager anticipation of receiving new encouragement, new light, new life-giving understanding, but tonight lead to me trying to talk with my husband, who is brain injured, & me being subjected to a horrible tirade of judgement & condemnation.

    On another, I trust more edifying note, ….
    I felt the Lord showed me a number of years ago, that when we just keep “claiming things to be true” by repeating them over & over to ourselves, is like trying to receive truth by “artificial insemination”.
    His desire is to implant those things by revelation into our lives, & that way He is the Father of those truths & will be there to nurture them. – There is no father to parent seed that is comes from artificial processes.

  2. Hi Jo, I’m so sorry that your children have shut you out of their lives over their bout with legalism. How incredibly painful! And while Sara and I do encourage people not to continue to engage toxic people in their lives, we do not encourage people to do so as punishment for something in the past.

    We also hold out the hope for relational repair… always. There’s no brokenness in relationships that cannot be healed with a bit of humility, compassion, apology, and owning our story. Of course, that has to be met with corresponding features on the other side. You’ll remember that Sara’s former therapist had convinced her I was a toxic person to her, even though it wasn’t true. Love, kindness, humility, and patience found a way back to her heart. I believe in relational repair and pray that you’ll find a way back into their hearts. There’s obviously a lot of hurt on their part, and they perhaps don’t have the capacity right now to open that door. But you never know what God might do.

    I’m sorry our story led you to more pain and that it was compounded by your husband’s response. I pray Jesus will be your Way through this, showing you how to navigate the space you’re in with his wisdom, grace, and courage.

    I love your thought about how artificial it is to try to convince yourself something is true when Father has yet to reveal it to your heart. It’s a sad process.

    • Thank you Wayne.
      I have struggled in trying to navigate Doug’s brain injured reactions which have left me exhorted & often desperately trying to survive, with control being a coping mechanism & raising my voice a triggered response. I understand why the kids want to avoid me……I’m hard work for them, & they really don’t understand their Dad.
      This morning I have a peace & I’m looking forward to listening in on the conversation about “He Loves Me”.

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