Nudged Into More Open Space (#482)

lesstraveledHow does God draw us into the space where he works most freely and where we can more easily recognize his fingerprints in our lives? While many look for a voice or miraculous encounters, he mostly guides us by nudging our hearts either as an inclination to do something, or a restlessness not to. Sometimes he plants questions in our heart to help us recognize more freely how is work is unfolding in us instead of being lost in the anxiety of how we want him to work. Two of our listeners share how the Spirit is working in them to bring them into a more spacious place of life and freedom. Learning to recognize how the Spirit nudges you is one of the greatest discoveries of this journey. We don't always get it right, but when we do, it is such a joy to watch how circumstances and his direction converge to spill out with his glory.

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  1. RESONATE, RESONATE, RESONATE!!! Wow…the entire podcast and particularly Holly’s comments. Everything is being shaken right now, shifting, breaking down…tears and more tears. I want to stay with the process and am so grateful for these words of yours and others that encourage me to do so. I

    I’m wondering if there is an appropriate way to get connected with Holly, in particular, via email? If so, please pass mine on to her. I would be so appreciative, but don’t want to cross lines/boundaries. As you know, being connected with others on this journey is life-saving and reminds me I’m not alone and not losing my marbles. If there are any left up there 🙂

  2. What questions do I find helpful to ask? My closest friend first suggested it, and I have found it so effective in getting my bearings – Am I receiving or striving?

    And then in the midst of whatever circumstances, I consciously turn my thoughts to God and begin with questions like – So, do you see what’s going on? eventually leading to something like – You’ve got this, haven’t you? You’re redeeming it all, aren’t you? ….and knowing I’ve connected with him, given the state of rest and peace that is inevitable, I ask So, what do you think? …and then I listen….

    Discerning the source of the thoughts that come is relatively straight forward. Having seen him, I find it easier to hear him.

    • Tom,

      Those questions are sooo helpful and spot on! I’m slowly getting off the “hamster wheel” of striving and it’s a tough one to give up…even though I’ve been exhausted for many years! Thank you for your thoughtful input and the clarity it brings. Very appreciative!

  3. Tom,

    Beautiful questions… that flow so “conversationally”. The way it was always supposed to be, I’m sure. How did we ever go so wrong… pleading, begging, “storming the gates of heaven, multiplying our efforts and numbers like we were trying to “twist God’s arm” or something. It has all been so impersonal…and yucky… and tiring… and self aggrandizing.

    Conversation sure sounds good to me!

  4. WOW! The timing of this podcast is totally amazing!! I loved the incident with your visit to your Dad and the Kenya situation. How thankful I am for the wonderful freedom that is becoming a part of my life because of your heart to help people to see how much God loves us and is interested in helping out in anything small or big that comes across our path.

    This morning I had an interesting nudge to look at Paul on the road to Damascus. I had just woken up and was in such a thankful mode that I immediately got up and opened to Acts 19:18 “And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose….” The way to freedom is in the peeling off the scales from our eyes! Layer upon layer,all the crusty,burdensome,heavy, encakement (I think I just invented a word) is just slipping off! I think I’m understanding this Paul incident better and better. Yes Paul was zealous before his pharisectomy, but was that zealousness born out of an hunger from within?”Who art though Lord?” was his first question when Christ appeared to him.

    Scale removal takes time. The book of Acts shows growth not instant perfection! So my my question today would “What scales will drop today?”

  5. Love the question idea…Questions I have been thinking about are for an area I have the most difficulty with…relationships. For example…

    1) Can I tell the difference when I am in a ‘temporary’ relationship, or in a more ‘permanent’ one? How do I treat those relationships differently?

    When I see a ‘temporary’ relationship nearing its end, can I let go without becoming angry or bitter? Can I see a ‘temporary’ relationship for what it is, and remember the good times, and see that it served its purpose during the time I was in it?

    In a more ‘permanent’ relationship, am I doing my part to keep the relationship vibrant? Do I consider the other person’s wants and needs? Do I participate in the relationship, or just let things take their course? Do I take inventory and examine myself to see if and/or how I can become a better person in the relationship?

    2) Do I make it a point to attempt to meet a new person? Am I willing to risk rejection? Am I trying to become the person other people would want to meet? Am I developing a current skill, or trying to learn a new one? Am I willing to go out of my ‘comfort zone’ to meet someone new? Do I realize that have to make an effort to meet a new person, it doesn’t just happen?

    3) How do I handle conflict in a relationship? Do I pretend it doesn’t exist, or blame the other person, or attempt to look at it objectively? Do I see the part I played in contributing to the conflict? Do I realize that conflict is a sometimes necessary part of a relationship, and doesn’t always mean the end of one? Do I deal with conflict as soon as it occurs?

  6. Wow !!! Just Wow! A very timely podcast in deed! I love This unfolding story about Kenya! And the idea of what do I already have that I can enjoy With Father!!! This is exactly What I am in the middle of experimenting with… It is disappointing when you follow a hunch and find out it is not something Father is giving after all ….But I am learning the sooner I Give that disappointment to Him, I am free to once again enjoy What He is giving today!!! I do get it wrong often, but when I follow somthing small and find my self in the middle of a moment that I know I was born to be a part of …The fulfillment in that moment is far greater than any disappointment I experience on a trail that was a dead end.
    I love what “Holly” is finding! What a glorious unfolding of the work Jesus has been working on for a while now! I am privileged with a front row seat and am daily amazed at The power The love of an awesome Father Has to transforming one of His little Girls! It leaves me awestruck at times as I see the prayers I have prayed for her be answered in ways I could never have imagined!!! I have had the privilege of knowing her since She was 7 and have never seen this side of her, it will take a bit to get used to this version of Her but I look forward to it! I know Her by a different name but I think it is appropriate to change Her name for this podcast, after all …She is a different woman than I married 14 years ago!!!;-)

  7. A recent question I had after receiving one of those “I’m afraid for you”phone calls was ….Are you worried about what people are saying and thinking about you and me? And when I was done laughing I completed it with… If you’re not… Then why should I be? It took 35 years to be able to laugh with Him about A phone call like that! Believe me it felt great!

  8. Some questions: How can a person measure God’s Kingdom in the world? Or measure the effect that actions could have when prompted by the Holy Spirit? How do we see what things are really worth?

    A bit off topic, but… one time I was reading about Zerubbabel, picturing him surveying the ground where the temple was going to be built. It said “Who despises the day of small things? Men will rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.” I was thinking that even the beginnings, marking out the dimensions of what will take shape, they are glorious – even though it’s hard to see that kind of glory.

    You know how it says “the hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this temple; his hand will also complete it”, and “he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!’” … But I don’t really understand how the glory of Jesus’ work in the world translates into the ordinariness of life.

  9. Harvey, you are right. I unfortunately switched attached Holly’s name to an email that Monica wrote to me. What can I say? I was in a hurry and somehow the wrong name got on the page. I hope it doesn’t embarrass either Holly or Monica. My apologies ladies. I will endeavor to be careful that such things don’t happen again!

  10. apologies needed Wayne!! I really enjoyed how much the way you read what I wrote, was exactly how it sounded in my heart…The wonder and joy of what he is doing in our hearts came through loud and clear!! The name attachted makes no difference to me.;) Looking forward to connecting with you Julia!:)

  11. Questions are so powerful!

    I cheered when Wayne read the one “when is enough enough?”

    Another question that has helped me often – got this from a good friend – “Is there another way I can look at this?”

    And the question “what has God put in my hands today” has already got me thinking!


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