The Whisper of Love (#946)

After some reflections on how Jesus lived among us without being corrupted by the chaos of this world, Kyle and Wayne talk about the slow arc of spiritual growth. It happens over time as we lean into the challenging breath of the Spirit, inviting us to life by helping us lean away from the illusions and demands of darkness. Also, one listener writes, "Love is a whisper," pitted against the overwhelming distractions of the world and the stringent demands of religion. Find his whisper and follow it to find the fullness of life Jesus wants to give you.

Podcast Notes:

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  1. That’s true..Love is a whisper…Most of the time, the Holy Spirit is a whisper..Jesus’ miracles are a whisper too, you often realise them afterwards.oh, my God, He was there and I didn’t notice Him!!No showing off, no shout, just respect you so much and your freedom is manipulation…no fake news or deep fakes to seduce me..just simplicity and truth..

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