Altering the Trajectory of the World (#440)

What’s the best way for you to alter the trajectory of the world? Is it by starting or becoming part of a significant movement, or designing some media product that will dazzle the masses? Jesus didn’t seem to be preoccupied about either of those things. Instead he showed us a way to live that is far more powerful thananything else. What’s more, every one of us can engage it every day and by doing so we we become part of God's unfolding purpose in the world. Most miss it in pursuit of seemingly loftier goals, but nothing else will have the same impact. HINT: It’s not the projects you do, but the people you touch today that will make the difference.

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  1. Hi Wayne,
    I was thinking of writing for advice about how to respond to people, if at all, about something that happened to my Mom this past week.

    An you taked about healing!

    My Mom saw her surgeon this past week and was told the tumor they were going to remove can not be found.

    When I let people know who had been praying for her the news, they are happpy of course and say the basic stuff I used to think and say too. I just smile when they say things like “She is righteous, of course she was healed” and the such. I don’t know what to say.

    I just loved the story of the teacher and the students. Heart warning.

  2. Wonderful podcast as always. Great story about the teacher. How clever of her.

  3. Enjoyed the podcast. Loved the message of loving and caring for the lonely. I wanted to share something from my life which, I hope, will allow me to finally participate in loving the lonely.

    I don’t think we will get very far on this journey until we begin loving ourselves. This is my personal testimony because I don’t think I began to love myself until just a few weeks ago. I don’t think I ever could respond to and know the Father’s love until I began to start loving myself.

    I have been engaged with Lifestream and other similar websites and this line of thinking for probably 12 years. I am married in my mid-50’s. I have disengaged from the institutional church and have what I would say is a reasonable understanding of all the principles you discuss in your podcasts and books. In all this time, though, it has just been so many words. It has only been principles and concepts. No real life. I guess you could say I hadn’t gotten it yet (and it has been frustrating to think I have been on this path for 12+ years and not getting it). I know the phrase “Living Loved”, but it has not really been anything close to a reality in my life.

    I love your constant message of just loving the next person who comes along in your life. I know we are all different and some are more people oriented than others, but I really hadn’t been able to love others to any great extent. When all was said and done, I was probably just wrapped up in my own struggles. I should mention that I have a very comfortable life with a great family, great job and no real physical challenges or struggles. I have always been a “nice guy”, but not much beyond this. I don’t say all this to complain, but maybe to help others who may struggle with similar things.

    I can say that beginning to love myself has brought a hope and rest I have never known before in my life. I think this is allowing me finally to see others more clearly and to begin to really love them. I also think I can only receive the God’s love to the extent I love myself.

    One note of detail about how this loving myself came about. The phrase, “Love is kind’ really connected with me. I could see how I was not kind to myself at all. My thoughts about myself tended to be negative. I was my own worst enemy. Most of my thinking ended up painting a negative scenario for me. These negative thoughts about myself also transferred to how I thought of others which made it difficult to really love others. Now that I see that love is kind, I see these thoughts as “unkind” and can, by faith, live in the kindness of God’s love. These same principles apply to “Love is patient” and “Love keeps no record of wrongs”. Until we can start moving away from the these negative messages and into God’s love, we have no hope of loving others.

    Maybe this topic of loving ourselves has been covered before. I don’t recall hearing about it. I wonder how many others struggle in a similar fashion, not knowing what is wrong with themselves.

  4. Really appreciated this podcast Wayne.
    Especially the difference between the way systems/organisations look for people with the gifts they want whereas the “teacher” looked for those who were being locked away, socially isolated and both equipped them to connect with others and drew out from the gift of who they were. I like the image of this as “mining gold”. And it really resonates with me that this is the way Jesus works.
    So much teaching I have heard in the past is about us being squeezed into a Jesus shaped mould!! Rather He is looking to set free, alive in each one of us what has been created in us.
    I often think of those words that we are each “created in His image” – each unique.
    No wonder we don’t easily fit in man made structures and organisations without being “forced out of shape”.


  5. Thanks Wayne. This was a beautiful podcast. The layers of insights and testimonies encouraged my heart and refreshed my thoughts. I’ve a number of personal experiences along the lines of one story and it is helpful to not feel like a traitor. And the teacher testimony is tremendous!
    Thank you again. Mucho, mucho!!

  6. I don’t have adequate control of the English language to be able to express my thankfulness for being able to get out of one of those “cult“ groups,,,, and to be able to live loved like I am, like we all ARE,,, the only expression I have found to be acceptable, is to live a thankful life, DAILY,,,, The cost of “getting out” was INDEED very great, and it still continues in many ways, but there is NO GOING BACK FOR ME no matter what comes. Thank you, Wayne, for sharing your loved life with us.This love isTruly a Treasure that can not be measured !!

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