Embracing His Glory #3 (#747)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to ever-increasing glory".  Drawn from the book of John, Wayne unveils how Jesus did this in a relational engagement with his followers, and how he wants to do that in us as well.  This week he talks about how we had that glory at the beginning, and how we lost it in the preference for our wisdom above the Creator's. 

Podcast Notes:
If you want more on the wrath of God as the curative power of Gods' love, see Transitions
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  1. Wayne,
    My eyes filled with tears. My heart with glad tidings as you spoke on this subject. Sensing, a joyous feeling of being captivated by the enormity of this God who seeks to spend time with me. The understanding that he is so much more than my twisted perception of my darkened mind toward such wonderful goodness. To hear him say my name,,,, melts me in a way that I collapse into the lap of his goodness and experience him lovingly kissing my brow to wipe away my tears. What a wonderful word for today you have brought!

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