Did We Get Sin Wrong? Part 2 (#904)

Could it be that God views sin not as something we chose but as something that happened to his beloved Creation? Sara and Wayne began pondering this question last week, and Kyle joined in this week to explore it more with Wayne. Wouldn't it change everything if God didn't see us as co-conspirators in sin and evil but as helpless against it without his redemption and rescue? That's what the New Covenant seems to suggest. Rather than God confronting our sin in anger, he invites us into his love where he can untwist the distortions caused by the self-preferring nature we all inherited and a sense of abandonment by the Creator that shame gives us. Wouldn't that be more faithful to the Gospel?

Podcast Notes:


  1. I love the idea of Papa seeing our sin like we see trauma. Much to ponder. This would make a great book!

  2. Well when you quoted Jesus saying on the cross, forgive them they know not what they do, then you had the realization of how Papa see the world. That brought tears to my eyes, suddenly. It blessed me sooo much to hear that.!! Oh how much we need to know that of our Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit God. Thank you ? ? ,all of you ? ??

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