Agreeing with God, Part 2 (#927)

Following up on last week's podcast, and with Kyle still unable to join, Wayne invites Bob Prater to join him in processing the journey he began to tell last week. Bob has been part of the prayer group Wayne talked about last week, so this exapands that conversation with a different perspective. They talk about the corrupting influence of gaining power, how God can turn suffering into a gift of transformation, and what it means to fellowship in the sufferings of Christ. They also talk about the power of contentment to thwarting the illusions that seek to exploit our frustration and ambition to draw us into the darkness.

Podcast Notes:

  • Sorry, there was no video recording of this podcast
  • Last Week's Podcast: Agreeing with God
  • Join us for the after-show -. Please listen to the podcast if you want to join our Zoom session. We have scheduled it for this Saturday, January 13, at 1:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. You can stream it live or listen to it afterward on The God Journey Facebook Page. If you want to be in the conversation, please email Wayne for the link.


  1. I imagined myself alongside Jesus gazing at my estranged friend. Jesus was also alongside my friend. He is loving us both in His non- controlling way. I am comforted in my temporary loss.

    • Great image, isn’t it? It’s an expression of the Father forgive them they know not what they do prayer. I’ve had loss too of relationships I value and to see them alongside Jesus is a great way to walk this through with him.

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