Agreeing with God (#926)

"Will you stand with God against the delusion that's in the world?" Wayne was asked that question three years ago by some friends in Ireland, and exploring what that means has been a three-year journey about prayer, love, delusion, and how God's purpose unfolds in the world. He has often shared that the last three years have been the most transformative of his life. You've heard bits and pieces of that here, but now he is ready to tell the full story. As The God Journey begins its twentieth season, Wayne unpacks this process in Kyle's absence as he has to take a break to deal with a major medical emergency in his family.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Thanks for sharing this Wayne. Am processing this with you, wanting (have asked Jesus) for my heart to become quieter in seeing his quiet power shape things beyond my human effort. Exciting!

  2. Wow I don’t know what to say
    From the start of the podcast I just started weeping I connected so much with what you were said
    I just don’t know how to put in words my feelings, I want to be a part of what God wants to do in this world and feel so inadequate, but to think through love rest and play with father this almost 76 year old man can hear from Father and be the his light through the love that he shows through me is an awesome thing
    I don’t know how to put in words all my thoughts but I am praying along with you and your group for light to be brought on delusion
    Love you podcast
    Doug Gran

    • Thanks, Doug. I’m blessed that this would all touch your heart so. If I may, I would encourage you not to pray for our group, but to pray for the world and see what light God wants to bring to you. Our group is not the key here. God’s purpose unfolding in the world and in each of us is. Yes, he wants to give light and life through a 76-year-old man who wants to find a way to be alongside God in these coming days.

  3. This podcast was like a pillow of understanding, something to softly lean into and allow me to ponder some of the many questions about the way things have eventuated and the resulting distraction. Lots to process and pray about Thank you

  4. Thank you Wayne for your vulnerability and courage to share this.
    Someone once said: “It takes courage to be vulnerable; to let down our walls and expose our true selves. Yet, it is in this raw authenticity that we find our greatest strength.”

  5. Thank you Wayne for sharing! It speaks so much to things we have experienced within our family in the past year. A broken relationship that we never imagined in our wildest dreams erupted last spring in the midst of an unexpected health issue my dear wife suffered. We continually turn to our Lord in our darkest days to abide in Him, to make our home in Him, and asking that He makes His home in us as promised. Sensing God’s peaceful encouraging presence has been the only thing that relieves the anguish. Now it is so encouraging to hear that God is revealing Himself to others in ways you outlined. I’m looking forward to more on this topic!

    • I’m so sorry for the broken relationship you suffered and I appreciate your heart to just lean into him in the midst of it. Unmerited rejection will change you when you don’t let it embitter you. I was talking to a friend this morning who has suffered some horrible betrayal by people he loves and dealing with some resentment about all that. One of the things we shared is how situations like this provide an opportunity for God to go deep in our hearts and shape us in ways that will allow us to be part of what he is doing in days ahead. Nothing is wasted in this kingdom. He makes good even out of great tragedies. I’m praying you will see the fruit of that in your own journey.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I’ve been processing some of these similar things, and I’m excited to see and hear more about where this conversation leads. Sitting with Father and sharing the pain He feels for the world has been an eye opening experience. The love He has for even the darkest and most hurt of us has helped me see how revolutionary his message of healing really is. Thank you again for sharing!

  7. Loved your podcast! Have been walking with a group in much the same way as you’re describing and finding unbelievably fascinating facets of God! It’s so humbling to think of the glory being revealed as God draws us thru the depravity of man in us and then redeems it and sits us at His right hand to be the sons and daughters of God. It’s THAT love that’s is motivating my heart to learn from God how to “so love the world” -believing that the love could penetrate the delusion.

  8. Thank you Wayne. I am in awe of the ways in which God open our hearts to new understandings.

    You spoke of vengeance & how God says it is His….. I heard someone suggest that maybe it’s that Jesus absorbed all vengeance within His being on the cross, took it into the pit & rose victorious over it. Having done that He repays us for the loss we have suffered at the hands of those who have wronged us. Having my heart attuned to that thought allows me to yield my desire for retribution to Him & keep my eyes on Him to work all things for good & for His glory.

    • Hi Jo. I love that thought. If this is true than when Moses wrote, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” he may have not been talking about retribution to the one who hurt us, but repaying us what they took from us. That makes a lot of sense Scripturally. My enemy receiving vengeance does nothing for me except my desire to trade hurt for hurt. But for God to make up in us what others have stolen, is exactly how he has worked in my life.

  9. Hi Wayne,
    many thoughts that are packed inside this talk of yours…

    Similar to you, I also had the feeling that God was preparing me for one of the insights. I will try to describe it, though I am not sure if I will succeed.

    I have a strong feeling for justice. Lies are something that agitates me very strongly. Whenever there was news about people doing injustice and lying, I got very angry. Sometimes anger towards a party (of people, not political) and the opposing party at the same time. That led to painful discussions with friends. If I felt that what they were saying was not well balanced, I tried to point out another perspective. In doing so, I often came across as a “know better”.

    In time, the same lesson came again and again, from having tried to convince people again and again: you can’t force someone to see something. And in good moments, I also saw that the only position for people to acknowledge something was if they were in a moment of mutual understanding with me – it seemed necessary to have a “band of relationship”.

    Also, from my work, I came to see that the best ideas and insights come not when one is all stressed out or from trying to force things (“more rules…”), but from a moment of rest and play (in the truest sense). Sometimes it may help though, to have been through some agony, in order to understand the beauty in a simple solution.

    Despite having “in theory” understood some of that, there were numerous occasions alone in the last one-and-a-half weeks since I started listening to this podcast. Moments of realizing that I had come – again – to the end of my capabilities, where again I had tried to force something and seen that I had broken something instead.

    So I have come – again – to the position of being at the end of myself. Not that this insight usually holds for long.

    I feel that I need this “something” – this different way – you are mentioning. Not getting burnt up in the fights, but taking the different perspective Jesus has for the people we are dealing with. I guess you said “restoration” instead of “revenge” or something like that.

    I am saying this now because I am afraid of again falling into the trap of anger and scheming which I have such a habit and experience of falling back into (“the rut”?). So I want to say, I do not want to be part of this but I feel that I have no other way to not lose the love that is inside me. It seems necessary. How to I go there?

    • Great comment and great personal discovery, Thomas. Wow! We’ve all been there I’m sure, feeling at the end of ourselves trying to get someone to see something they are not ready to see. Yes, passion for the horrible condition of their blindness will help us not fall into that anger and scheming, but it seems to take forever to learn that enough to live in it. This is a great step in that direction. To answer your question, “How do I go there?” One step at a time, like the rest of us. Won into his love, reading our empty our own efforts are, and coming back to just being a vessel for his work will help. Thanks for your comment,

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