The Fruit of Self-Control (#772)

A funny thing happened to Kyle and Wayne on their way to talk about the new Netflix Documentary, The Social Dilemma; they got distracted by a conversation about self-control as a fruit of the Spirit and not a personal discipline. After sharing about his recent trip to Denver, Wayne takes Kyle through some recent emails and blog posts that were particularly poignant. That's where the found a question about self-control and whether or not God can help us out of some of our own bad choices. That led to a discussion about career choices when the quality of life is greatly diminished by the demands of an employer, of how "doing the right thing" is hardly a consideration any more in our culture, and how we find freedom from the selfishness of this age inside the love of God. We'll get to The Social Dilemma next week.

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  1. I hope you’re the only one who knows Christians who prefer Trump because they have no self control either. The ones I know don’t approve of his “self-centeredness” but are horrified about the possibility of the other option’s preference for sacrificing the innocents to the goddess of “choice”.

    Another less serious comment: it was amusing to hear you talking about doing what’s ‘right’ / not focusing on what Wayne wants while not giving Kyle an opening til the end. ?

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