Uncontrolled Community

The unrest in the Arab world and letters from some of our listeners begin a conversation on the increased power of the voice and actions of individuals in a world tied together by the Internet. Social networking is shifting the power away from centralized governments and institutions who make decisions for others, and is empowering the simple choices of thousands of people combining to yield unanticipated results. This can of course be used for great harm or for great good, but it might help us rethink how the body of Christ will take shape in the future. We’ll think more in terms of nudges than blueprints, fostering community instead of creating groups, and learning to live in trust rather than trying to control our environment. This could get fun!

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  1. While your premise about social media may be true in a lot of instances, for the majority of Americans, this has become another method to provide distractions from the issues caused by corrupt parts of our centralized governments and institutions. In fact, Facebook is where I encounter 99% of my “exposure to religion”, and daily I end up struggling with when to speak up and when to stay silent, when what I say is truly helping and when it’s just me trying to be right.

  2. Thought provoking once again. I’m still new at this and find myself with a curious mixture of anticipation and excitement of letting go of all of these old trappings which I thought I needed…and also intense anxiety at times. Let me say that I will have to process this, I’m willing to hear these things and Jesus will send the right people, the right conversations.

  3. Hey Guys, just a thought or two. Don’t you ever get tired of so called preachers and teachers who ramble on with their “religious” speak? You know, using phrases like “the church” or “Jesus is our shepherd”. Are we not the “bride” of Jesus and He the “Bridegroom”? Doesn’t this truly depict a more relevant and intimate relationship that we enjoy with our Creator? Honestly, have you ever tried to control your bride or would you even want to? Living free as He created us to be is living in uncontrolled community. Gman.

  4. I just stumbled across this news headline. “People, Not Things, Are The Tools Of Revolution”. It’s funny that this was Jesus’ method all along for His revolution. Go into all the world and make disciples… A disciple is a living breathing human that relates to God and to others. And through this relating he or she has their impact. That’s a far cry from “go into all the world and (plant churches, build gigantic ministries, and create organizations and institutions that will) make disciples… People, not things,are the tools of revolution.

  5. Great stuff about community. As soon as I gave up on trying to build a community, I found God had already given me one. Though I’m still struggling with the seasonal aspect of it, I’m loving what He has done with us a family.

    On the whole social media aspect, I would like to hear some younger voices. Particularly people who have left religion, and don’t have fear of this new technology, this new way of living. Ha. I might have to put something together myself.

  6. Finally got to listen to this one during my commute this morning. Loved Brad’s quote:

    “Why do we industrialize discipleship?”

    Keep it up guys, I love the encouragement and conversation-starters I get from these!

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