Further Conversations in He Loves Me (#771)

Wayne continues his discussion with the Jeff Andrechyn's book group about He Loves Me that we began last week. They continue to talk about the Fatherhood of God, but also how we live that out when circumstances seem to be collapsing in on us. How do we live loved when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, or when we're being betrayed by others?  They also talk about learning to recognize when God is engaging us.

Podcast Notes:
He Loves Me!
Can You Help Us One More Time in Kenya? 



  1. It is interesting to me that you are bringing attention to this book at this time. I recently reread the section on Christ’s work on the cross, because I was having difficulty clearly understanding it, not so much because of the book, but because of how I understood His work on the cross for most of my 64 years of life., especially as an ordained clergy person. What you share about what God does in your life and your relationship with Him is so inspiring to me; thank you for allowing God by his Spirit through His Son to work through you to touch hearts like mine. My relationship with God has grown so much since I have become acquainted with you. Love in Christ, Doug

  2. Dear Wayne, you already know how I love that book and I have passed it along to others. I’m also about to buy a few copies for Christmas…but I also think like those other ladies that it’s time for me to pick it up and read it again for myself. Thank you for sharing our Father’s love!

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