The Rape of the Soul

The growing animosity between Christian groups and atheists catch Brad and Wayne's eye this week as they talk further about the impact we can have in the world as secure followers of the living God, rather than those who are threatened by other groups or philosophies. Beginning with listener email they contrast the adventure of obedience to the rigidity of large systems and how the quest for institutional security robs their adherents of the the risks and rewards of freedom. They also explore the difference between coercion and persuasion in dealing with people who see things differently than we do.


  1. Hi Wayne and Brad,

    Great pod cast, I wish I could have heard the last 4 min’s and 55 seconds though.
    Right after Wayne says ‘its a lion, it will jolly well defend itself’, it stops abruptly.

  2. Actually, that’s where the podcast ended. For some reason some blank space got put between the end an the closing music. It has since been resolved…


  3. Hi Gents,

    enjoyed the post….especially the segment on Roger Williams and the latter part….loved Wayne’s comment, “If you’ve got a religion that needs to be defended (ie. i’m assuming being reacionary, volatile, etc.), then that’s pretty much all you have.”



  4. Listening to this very late (2012)…very encouraged by your words of security in Him. How wonderful that I can trust His wisdom and strength to defend Himself. Still learning…thanks for the ongoing encouragment.

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