The Man Christ Jesus

You're not going to believe this one! A comment about the DaVinci Code movie takes Brad and Wayne into a discussion about the humanity of Jesus and how an over-exaggeration of his deity, at the expense of his humanity, robs us of a meaningful relationship Jesus wants us to have with him as our older brother on this journey. God wired us to need a human mediator between him and us, and when Jesus loses that place in our lives, we'll put other human substitutes in that place, and the result is always disastrous.

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  1. Hi Wayne & Brad,

    Man oh man, this pod cast is still resonating within our hearts! Yes we listened to it together once again on our weekly weekend -day get-away. I love the heart for Him the Father has given to my wife, she is a treasure, I love her so.
    By the way, not long ago we were coming back from our day away and right towards the end of the pod cast (Where’s the Power I think it was) you, Wayne read the email my precious wife wrote you, it blew us outa the water, so cool the Father is.
    It is a true delight to hear His voice-word confirmed through the mouths of His babes as He is writing it into their hearts.
    Our lives have been greatly enriched as our Father continues to express-shine His life through you Wayne and Brad to us here in Canada!!!

    In Him we Live,
    Richard & Margi

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