When Things Don’t Turn Out Like We Hoped

What do you do when God doesn't provide in the way you hoped or prayed for? You can either grow discouraged or let him transform you in ways you could not have imagined and find great joy in is provision, regardless of what it is. Responses from two of our listeners of last podcast about God's Provision and Our Desires reveal amazing stories of God's ability to transform us in the most difficult of circumstances and still teach us contentment and joy apart from the things we think we might need to be happy and fulfilled. Real joy in this life is never found in our profession or our our possessions, and perhaps the saddest people around are those who think they are.

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  1. Such good stuff.

    There really is a quality of presence that is at the heart of a life of trust. That quality of presence speaks to a reality of a life being built on a foundation that is stable and to where life doesn’t crash to the ground when things begin to shake.

  2. Thanks for another podcast w/ substance and depth. Wonderful to know that as Father has me processing this “one day at a time” walk…when I hear Him gently ask me “Do you have what you need today?”…there are many more than I know of who are walking the same path. Right now there are some very painful parts of the process He is walking through with me. The hurt of being misunderstood, my values being very different than that of my extended family…I could go on. What is interesting and very exciting to see…in this time, He has brought relationships to me (rather than the old cycle of me chasing what i thought I needed). There is slowly growing this sense of rest and He does build a reltp w/ Himself that can sustain us through very deep disappointment. In fact the disappointment begins to be displaced with a genuine engagement with Him : ) Blessings.

  3. This podcast echoed things I have been mulling over since watching the movie “Hope Springs” with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. The husband in that movie is a classic example of what happens when people become subsumed by their work – going to work, same suit and briefcase in hand, day after day, year after year – probably successful in the worlds estimation, but just a shell – no energy, no life outside his job. The film tragically unveils the ripple effect it had on the rest of his life. His wife was so unhappy.
    I appreciated the reminder that our jobs can overcome us if we perform to the worlds expectations and lose the more gentle rhythms of the Spirit. We may not be as “successful” or admired or popular but we will be real – the person God created us. These are lessons I am learning at the moment.
    As for the ex-pastor mentioned who now works at a home renovations store – I am so grateful to sales people who are approachable and know their products. I find choice overwhelming in such places because I struggle to make a decision and am hindered by foggy thinking due to poor blood flow to the brain when I stand still for too long. Such people are invaluable to me.
    In the film “The Hobbit” the dwarf king questions Gandalf’s choice of the timid, little, unimpressive Hobbit Bilbo Baggins for an important role in the quest they are to undertake. Gandalf says often it is not the grand gestures or the powerful that make a difference, but the small, everyday kindnesses that keep evil at bay – or something like that.

  4. Dear Wayne,
    I have been troubled recently by my own belief that God sees fit to remove things or allows trouble to occur to teach me things (or my husband and children). The new idea is slowly growing in my mind that God is there to walk with me/us through it and for me, be a great source of comfort. This of course you have talked about so many times.
    Darryl’s letters – just what I needed to hear right now and your comments too.
    Thank you!

  5. After hearing Wayne’s story and the two emails, the take-away for me was this: three people, going through very different circumstances, are all experiencing a similar transformation.


    Maybe it’s not the circumstances that change us, after all. They’re just on an independent, parallel track with the transformation that’s already going on. Where we feel the shift is in our ever-growing awareness that we’re handling those circumstances differently.

    Stuff happens, but I don’t think it either directs or detours God’s unfolding revelation in our hearts. It just feels that way sometimes. 🙂

  6. This podcast really resonated with me. Especially the reading of the letter of the friend who is working at Home Depot. What he is discovering is excatly what I’m starting to discover. When he describes working to meet the “world’s expectations”, which are set up in “plantation mentality” it described what I’ve discoverd beautifully. I left a job when I started to see how perverted that way of living is. What I didn’t get was that I was caught up in it because I was getting something from it. It made me feel good to succeed in my career. The downside of that mentality is you are only succeeding as long as you are giving everything they need not matter what the cost is to you. You are not valued as a human being. When I found an employer that doesn’t believe in the “plantation mentality” I was suprised and disappointed to find my pain didn’t end. I ended up putting that same pressure on myself. I craved that approval I carried the world’s expectations with me to the new job. I’m just now learning a different way of living where I follow God’s leading instead and come to work one day at a time to see what God has in store for me and not necessairly to advance my career or win the approval of others. Ironically, so far I’d say its resulted me performing better at work because there is such an ease about it.

  7. I’ve come back to this podcast and just wanted to share a few quick thoughts. Thanks for sharing about the freedom and restfulness of Father’s agenda. The pressure is there when we’re following our own…I’m deeply grateful for His love and patience in walking me through this. It’s frightening at times to share my anger and frustration with Him. The more I know He loves me, the more confident i can be in relaxing in His care and watching Him untwist that brokenness in me. His work…not mine and I can breathe more easily. Thanks Wayne and Darrell.

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