What One Little Prayer Can Do!

Bob HunterWe often hear from those who think the church can only have impact on society through its massive institutions. How can believer simply networked together have any effect on what's going on in the world today. Well we have an incredible story for you. In a recent trip to Washington, DC, Wayne met a man who, alongside many others, is having some incredible impact on the conflicts in Africa. It all began with a prayer and simple moments of obedience and over 30 years some incredible things have happened that is touching a culture with the simple life of Christ and his love is reshaping tribal conflicts. Wayne introduces us to Bob Hunter and one example of how simple believers can have a profound effect behind the scenes of current events in our world. We apologize for the bad audio. A taping error leaves it sounding like it was recorded in an airplane hanger. But we think the content is worth getting through the difficulty in listening. We hope you do too.