The Left-Handed Life

Brad and Wayne are back for the new year and their conversation returns them to a previous discussion about left-handed power versus right-handed power. Living inside of love allows relationships to grow and thrive. Demanding our rights or attempts to manipulate others for our desired outcomes only destroys friendships and leaves us isolated. Living left-handed affects all of our relationships, especially how we raise our children.

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  1. Guys it is funny to think about right hand and left hand Matthew 25:33 the sheep on the right and the goats on the left HUMMMM, and don’t forget the bigest right left action the sun rises in the east the right bringing light and set in the left night darkness. somthing to ponder God Belss and keep speaking Gods word!!! Have you guys read Live Like a Jesus Freak by DC Talk, courious of you take.

    Again God Bless Great to hear different views and ways of showing the many sides of God!!

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