Letting His Joy Guide You (#949)

"I say these things to you that my joy might be in you and your joy might be full." Jesus spoke those words to his fearful disciples on the night when his own pain and suffering would begin. Instead of trying to draw joy from our circumstances, isn't it the guiding light to take us through our most difficult moments safe inside his love? Kyle invites Wayne into a conversation that began with his fishing friends a couple of weeks ago and now expands into how joy can help us navigate the most difficult situations we face. If so, instead of trying to get God to fix the chaos of darkness that surrounds us, we could ask him to show us how his love penetrates the chaos and molds it to an even greater redemption.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Thank you, Wayne, for always encouraging us to live LOVED by Father. It would seem that for the longest time, perhaps since Constantine, the “Church” has acted as the Gatekeeper to God’s Love & Joy. The church has so often communicated to the weary that God’s Love is conditional, and even though we’re exhausted, we just need to try harder.

    About 20 years ago, I heard a woman speaker posit a different take on “..the joy of the Lord is my strength”. She said that; knowing that God delights in us, that we bring him Joy. Just as a child is a mother’s joy, knowing we are our Father’s Joy, will make us strong!

    • I love that view of the joy, because who doesn’t want to be a delight in the eyes of the one you love. And knowing we are is strength itself. Thanks for sharing, Perry.

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