Wayne’s Happiest Day Ever! (#869)

Climbing up the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the full beauty of fall foliage and basking in the joy of Sara's growing freedom, Wayne has an unanticipated engagement with God. He is still sorting out what it all means and invites Kyle to ponder it with him as he seeks to discern What Father was making clear to him. If valid, Wayne saw the 64-year arc of God's working to answer the desperate cry of a seven-year-old girl and how Jesus had been behind the scenes to transform their hearts.

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  1. That really hit me Wayne, and I have very, very little doubt that could have been anything except the Lord. What a revelation of His purpose in your lives. Thanks for sharing it. It was personal for me, and may be the most powerful podcast I’ve seen.

  2. This was such a blessing to listen to. I have listen to you for years and what you experienced this week just seems like a culmination of everything you have talked about since I started listing around 2008. This is the God you wrote about this in He Loves Me. This is the message of “Wind blown”. This is the love you have walked out in all your trips and travel. This is the resent drawing you have been sharing. This is the authenticity of God and your relationship shining. It doesn’t surprise me and it’s exciting to see. Thank you for sharing.

    • Such gracious words and powerful encouragement. Thank you for taking time to share this. If that’s what my life communicates, I’m a blessed man indeed.

  3. That is SO glorious! Thank you for pondering with others. It’s SO beautiful to hear His encouragement to you! Your deepest desire of loving your wife well was affirmed. It opens my eyes to the bigger picture we don’t always see of His tasks/good works He has for us. Thankful. One thought is you have more than one task in life you were created for that you did well…parenting etc? And love to hear His direction of letting you go do what you desire not “have” to anymore! “You will show me the path of life…in Your presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore”
    How beautiful to hear His affirmation and be able to see His greater purposes even while on earth before heaven. So happy for you both! Thankful! And thank you Wayne for being an example to love…I have just been impressed this week on brothers in Christ called to care and protect sisters and love and honor women…it seems so scarce and I pray next generation can capture that vision.
    I don’t want to be insensitive to all that has happened but your highlight reel sounds like it could be a movie.
    What I love also about all this is how God let’s us minister to others in what we love to do and gives us great joy…you were passionate for Sarah and enjoyed life with her and yet the entire time God rescuing her through you! Hallelujah!

    • Thanks, Victoria. I know Father has other tasks for me, and I’ve been part of that with him. But this was the main purpose, of that I have little doubt. I love that God can make my life meaningful to others even as he’s shaping me to hold Sara through this season of her life. I, too, am looking forward to seeing what this new season brings. At this point, I have no idea, except that I’m grateful every day for Sara’s growing freedom and our reconnection.

  4. Wayne, your ministry has been to demonstrate not only love being Gods loudest message, but ours as well. Downloads of Gods pleasure have sustained me at a couple points in my life. But what I hear through your testimony, is “well done good and faithful servant.”
    I’m not worried about what you shared being self serving at all. Of course you know there will be those who will curl their lip…it’s offensive to Pharisees when the Father reveals his love. It’s not their language.
    I had a dream once where people came to me for prayer. I shouted into their open mouths, LOVE! And then performed some ritual, which I promptly forgot as soon as I woke up. I could not recall that detail, but all others were clear as a bell. I told an older faith friend the dream, and she said, Love is your loudest message. Love is what they will remember.
    That has become my mission as well. You have become a steadying hand in this journey for me.
    Well done friend.

    • Hi Joy. I’m glad you want to listen to the podcasts. I’m sorry I can’t really “sign you up for the Friday podcast here. You can, however, subscribe here: https://www.thegodjourney.com, “follow” The God Journey Facebook Page, or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, Amazon, or your favorite podcast provider.

  5. It is so profound to listen to how God’s purpose unfolded and to have that rarest of moments to be able to look back on the span of both your lives. God Bless both of you for sharing this journey.

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