The Conversation of Life (#444)

There is a Conversation of Life going on around the world that allows the kingdom of God to grow in the human heart. As Wayne sorts through recent email he finds a consistent theme as people look for that communion in their own touch with God. As people grow in that reality internally then they can help others into that conversation by the way they engage and make themselves available to others around them. Finding our way into that conversation both with God and others is more art that science, so don't look to do it mechanically, but as we learn to live in his love and find ways to communicate it with others, it will open a door for an endless flow of conversational adventures that will inspire your own journey and that of others around you.

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  1. I listened to this pod cast this evening and it brought me to tears. My heart has been aching for this message to be released. I believe that a relationship with God is actually quite simple, but somewhere along the journey of the church it has become complicated.
    I don’t go to church as I am a part of the church. I meet with Christian friends and we share what god is doing in our lives. I would like more of this but for he time being will be happy with the conversations I have.
    God has recently brought some new people into my life and as we begin to know each other, I am able to share the journey of my life and the positive changes that have taken place as a result of communicating with God.
    Gone are the days of my charismatic excitable self, but I am so happy with the journey I am on right now. I no longer follow any routines but just go about my day chatting with the Lord whilst doing my chores. It is an exciting journey with new discoveries each day.
    Thank you Wayne for sharing your thoughts and your journey. It has really helped me to cope with not ‘being in church’, but learning to be a part of it.
    Much love,

  2. Hello Fiona

    I could not help but comment on the line: “gone are the days of my charismatic excitable self”.

    For years, I was in the charismatic environment, and somehow could never quite conjure up an ongoing charismatic enthusiasm that seemed to be all around me. Although operating in some spiritual gifts, I always seem to fall short when it came to “mountain top” experiences. When I did have an encounter with God it was usually in a private alone place rather than with a lot of other people. I always felt there was something wrong with me. That somehow I had missed God.

    Having stepped back from all of that, I now realize that I am simply not a charismatic excitable person that everyone “back there” expected we ought to be. I have given up on seeking the emotional “spiritual” highs. My heart longs for peace. My souls seeks contentment.

    My daughter recently said to me of the youth gatherings in the church we attended: “I am so tired of being in an environment where leadership is trying to create a spiritual high experience every week. I am just trying to make it through my day in university and I do not need the added pressure of somehow now attaining “an experience with God”. I just need Him to help me through my day.”

    The longer I am away from the organized church experience, the more I continue to ask: What has the church been peddling as the gospel for all these years?

    Fiona, rest in knowing that the Father knows your make-up. His encounters with you will be personalized and match who you are. I find great joy in living without other’s expectations.

  3. Way to go Fiona! I liked that line too John.
    “Gone are the days of my charismatic. Excitable self”. Isn’t this ongoing conversation with Him Awsome!!! It seems to distract me from time lines and expectations I come up with I Love Just being Who I am ! As He works in Me to complete What he has started. I do get excited at times and He seems to enjoy that part of me as well as long as I don’t confuse My emotions For Him . Sounds like a great journey you both are on!!

    Blessings to both of you!!!

  4. Greetings, Wayne!

    I spent my day today listening to 3 podcasts where Christians talked theology and doctrine, and spent a good amount of time cutting down on other Christians’ beliefs.

    And then, I listened to this one. Oh, thank You, Father in Heaven, for having me choose this one!

    Wayne, your sincere, heart-felt words were water to my soul, especially after all the judgemental stuff I’d just heard from other brothers. I kept thinking as I listened to this podcast, “This guy is the real deal. The Holy Spirit is truly speaking through this man. Wayne Jacobsen has what I want more of.”

    Thank you so much, for listening to our loving Abba, and for sharing HIS thoughts with us!
    Keep it up, Friend,

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