Books That Have Touched Our Lives

Many on our Forum have been sharing the books that have been helpful to them on their spiritual journeys. So, for your summer reading pleasure, Brad and Wayne weigh in on the books that have encouraged them and helped shape their spiritual passions. While certainly lot all-inclusive, it does cut a wide swath through books both Christian and secular.

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  1. Ok, Brad, what is it you don’t like about the cover of “He Loves Me!!!”? Is this that effeminacy thing again? I thought the cover was great and I’m a guy. I don’t see the daisy as overtly feminine but straight to the point of what the book’s about. Its not like the cover is pink or filled with frilly lace.

    I’m assuming you were just taking a side-swipe at Wayne, but I’d like to hear what you would have put on the cover. Maybe add a pair of work boots and a weed-eater ready to take out the daisy?


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