Healing from Childhood Trauma (#824)

Every person needs someone whose eyes light up when they enter a room, especially kids in trauma. Anna LeBaron, personal growth activist and the author of The Polygamist's Daughter, joins Wayne and Kyle for a conversation about the trauma of her childhood, the process of being healed from such an abusive past, and what she thinks of the growing conflict between government leaders and public school students, especially those from religiously authoritarian homes. Anna was born into a polygamist cult with a violent father who used his kids for slave labor and neglected their needs. She talks honestly about the trauma that upbringing caused and her tenacious quest for healing in her adulthood. Looking back, would she have wanted to be rescued by an outside agency? She confronts the difficulty of crafting a one-size-fits-all policy for such situations and shares the most important thing anyone can do to reach out to traumatized children.

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