Transforming Love #1 (#844)

Blown By the Wind

How does love transform us so that we can live the life of peace, joy, and abundance Jesus promised us no matter what circumstances we are currently navigating?  This is the first in an occasional series of podcasts that will explore what Wayne has been stitching together over the past couple of years. This is not a new technique but a picture of the process by which Jesus lifts us out of the gravity of the chaos of our world and teaches us how to live in the unforced rhythms of grace. This week as Kyle and Wayne discuss the framework they explore how the heaviness of flesh, circumstances, and religious obligation weighs on us with a heaviness that draws us into the weeds and how Jesus wants to invite us to soar with him in his love.

Podcast Notes:
Scriptures explored in this podcast include the upper room discourse, John 13-16, and John 3
Bob Marley Video Three Little Birds
Wayne's upcoming Travel


  1. Wayne and Kyle….THANK YOU!!!! A quick note to say how I would long so much to talk to you person to person…but a podcast like this is “the next best thing”. Talk about resonating…and if it does with me, how many other people will this reach as well. Please keep doing this discussion. Blessings, Sue

  2. Wayne, had you thought about doing a series of talks along the Alpha format, that groups of people could use to reach non Christians? My husband and I had thought about inviting people to study He Loves Me Together but it would need to be Christians I think rather than not yet believers. I think all Christians would benefit from such a study, mind you. I had opportunity to tell someone the gospel yesterday and I was desperately trying to not do it in a traditional Evangelical way…’re a sinner needing Jesus etc and I thought I bet I’m trying to redesign the wheel here and Wayne has already got this sussed! I loved the chapter about the gospel not being about a pass from hell, which is what started me on my very faltering God journey!
    I look forward to seeing the unfolding of Transformational Love, thank you.

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