Game of Thrones and the Incarnation (Bonus Extra)

[NOTE: We realize not everyone will have watched this series, and others will have significant concerns about the graphic violence and sexuality it portrayed. This podcast also includes plot spoilers for those still watching it.] In this continuation of a previous podcast, Wayne discusses the Game of Thrones finale with long-time GOT fans, Kyle and Jess Rice. They talk about literary portrayals of power, and how the attempt to force freedom on others always makes a tyrant out of he or she that would be king or queen. It's a story as old as the fall and makes the Incarnation that much more incredible, that the leader of the most powerful kingdom earth has ever known is being built by the Servant of all. Jesus invites us to a kingdom; he does not conscript us, and that makes all the difference.

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  1. One of GOT’s characters that always reminded me of the slippery slope of religious ‘leaders’ was that of The High Sparrow. At first, I liked his humble approach, but then he seemed to twist as more power came his way.

    On a wiki page, the actor who portrayed The High Sparrow remarked on his character: I quite like the fact that people are going, “Oh, he’s a horrible character!” And I’m going, “No! He’s one of the good people in Game of Thrones! He’s clearing out all the bad people!”

    Maybe that’s the part that bothered me the most. After all, who is it that gets to decide who the “bad” people are?

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