Behind Door Number Three

Brad and Wayne continue the discussion on left-handed power, interacting with some of the comments posted on The God Journey Forum. How do you live without the quest for power, can easily make you a sitting duck for those who will exploit those who live in such freedom? The true joys of Christian community are discovered where people are not trying to use each other, or manipulate each other for their own gain, but when they encourage each other on a journey that is transforming.

The life of the cross, living left-ahnded
pretend, the church at Laodicea


  1. This is my first time to listen to a podcast. You guys laugh so much its infectious. I can tell you are really having way too much fun doing this.
    One of you, can’t remember who was talking, but the question was what will it look like with a body of all left handed folks. I was wondering, what is Windblown like? I mean , you guys have more than two people, working, living, breathing in the Kingdom together, what does that look like? Warts and all? Glory to glory. Perfected when He comes back? Just curious. And now that Wayne is moving next door do we need to pray for this friendship? just kidding. Seriously, you guys could share what its like for a few folks who are living for the most part, left-handed,and how God helps you with your right-handed tendencies? Really aren’t we designed to live left-handed?
    Joni, Okie-land

  2. I want to apologize on behalf of the nation of Canada for any harm our geese have or may continue to cause you. They are just trying to live “outside the box” of organized religion which is why they keep flying down to visit you guys.

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