Will Institutions Always Fail? (#827)

Asking an institution to reflect God's glory is asking more of it than it has to give. While many start out with the vision to express God's reality, few maintain that over time as other priorities take over. Is that why Jesus invested his glory in people, not systems, and the power of the church not in its institutional might but in the love and unity of his people who share together in his work in the world. Responding to a seminarian's struggle with his own call, Wayne and Kyle talk about how to navigate institutional systems without putting our hope in them. Structures can be helpful as long as the people in them reflect his glory in the earth, and become harmful when they seek to protect their own agenda. They also talk about the direction God might lead us is not always to the destination we think he has in mind.

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  1. I think I want to learn a humility when it comes to navigating organizations, and how I look at what I do as well (my own ‘success’, achievements, or even serving God). There’s this phrase I read that keeps coming to mind about discovering whether it is ‘it’ or He Himself that holds us.

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