The Freedom of Servanthood

Wayne introduces Brad to his long-time friend, Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style and many other books about the nature of God and how his words and example can completely redefine how we live in the world. Starting out as a pastor, Gayle soon discovered that most of what he'd been taught about leadership ran counter to the things Jesus taught. Jesus encouraged his followers to be servants first, to put others before themselves, and thus discover the true power and freedom of life in his kingdom. Gayle's humorous and refreshingly honest approach to the ways of Jesus have inspired people around the world to embrace his nature and be transformed by him. (This podcast inadvertently got to our RSS feed last week, so some of you may have already heard it. Our apologies for any confusion.)

Podcast Links:
Gayle Erwin's website at Servant Quarters.
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  1. Not sure if you realize that you posted this same podcast on April11th. And I thought I was going to get to hear Gayle talk with you guys again! 🙂

  2. Yes, Steph, we know. Unfortunately the podcast somehow got in the RSS feed earlier than planned. We mention that above in the description. But we only had one session with Gayle, so we didn’t have more to offer. Sorry!

  3. Thanks guys. Sure is helpful to hear people who have walked this walk and saying things that i’m thinking but sometimes don’t have words for! May you be encouraged in your walk with Him and with each other. Blessings to you.

  4. Good to hear Gayle Erwin. He spoke in a church I used to attend (before the pastor put a hit on me) and visited a cell group that I used to run. The group was in a rough area of Dublin and a number of gangster types attended the meeting that night. I didn’t mention it to Gayle but he was great. I will always remember that night because he sat down on the floor and gave a great teaching on the nature of Jesus. One of the guys said he looked like a Christian Buddah! I was impressed by his humiltiy and easy going manner.

  5. I would love to hear Gayle in person. I see allot of what I am going through in your conversation this time around. Having your paradigm shifted can be exciting, yes…scary…yep! Thanks to all of you for your continued willingness to follow Jesus and share your experiences with others.

  6. Pierced again… all I’ve been hearing from Father for as long as I can remember is that it’s not about me – yet another layer of selfishness peeled back & exposed.

    I’ve only just listened through the podcast & as usual, what I hear is exactly what I need & aligns completely with what I hear Father saying to me.

    Thanks for introducing me to Gayle & his books – I’ve downloaded & started listening through “The Jesus Style” & am loving it!

    I’m so grateful that Father has brought this across my path at this time – thanks again for your part in that.

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