The Sin Disease

What do we do about our struggle with sin under the new covenant? Following up on some conversations Wayne had regarding the cross with some brothers and sisters in Central California over the weekend, he and Brad begin a conversation about sin and how God wants to deal with it. Religion treats sin as a performance issue, demanding people 'just say no' and condemning them when they cannot or will not. How did Paul encourage the young believers to deal with sin in the context of the cross? He made it clear that the cross changed everything about the way we view sin in our own lives and how we deal with it. Only by his grace will we find love enough to transform us from such a debilitating disease.

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  1. I am a very new listener to the podcast and this episode was the BEST ever! It gave me very clear and concise steps for my own personal journey that I could relate to…. Thank you guys for all the time and effort you put in and I can’t wait for the next one!

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