The Gift of Powerless Communication (#498)

talkingThere is nothing more off-putting than the arrogant know-it-all who thinks they know what God wants for you and will use every pressure at their disposal to get you to do it. When someone postures themselves as an expert in God's life they are often completely unaware that they are operating in the spirit of a different kingdom and do far more to destroy discovery and growth than stimulate it, even when they speak the truth. Jesus modeled the gift of powerless communication by engaging them with warmth and compassion that opened doors in their heart to see life a different way. He offered the kingdom as an invitation knowing that any attempt to force it on others would undermine the gift he came to share.

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  1. Good idea on collecting meetups. That’s something I’d love to see. Recently a group of folks, I think in Washington State, had a meetup. They were people who had read the Church Refugees book. A woman that I know through Facebook who went, said it was nice. Only about 11 people and they shared a little bit of their stories. There was some talk about getting together again, but nothing was set up at that time. If I can find it, I’ll post it. It may have contact info where people can find out how they organized it. It’s a Facebook link.

  2. Hi Wayne, I love what you said on powerless communication. It’s such a contrast about the way words are taken to heart. It reminds me of John 10, where the sheep hear the Shepard’s voice, and they follow because they know the Shepard cares for them.

    I’ve been wanting to comment on a number of podcasts recently, I could really relate, but didn’t really know how to piece my thoughts together very well… there’s a lot to process at the moment, thanks.

  3. The last few podcasts have been great. Thanks.

    I’m off to China next week so if there is anyone in northern China who wants to meet up in the next couple of months, let me know. If you’re Chinese ?????.

    Meeting up.
    Because meeting up ‘out of the box’ is based on what God wants not what we want, sometimes he’ll link us up with people we have little in common with or even people we don’t in the natural, like.
    I’ve found myself spending time with people who still go to church. Or those who would if they could, but for whatever reason can’t.
    I’ve stopped asking if or where they go to church and just love and encourage and share Christ with them.

    We have to be careful not to allow an ‘out of the box’ box to form itself in our thinking.

    There seems to be something in our flesh that craves the security of a ‘box’ of some kind -a way of doing things, a group or way of thinking to belong to.

    But all we really need is one or two other believers to gather with, and He’s right there in the midst.

    • I agree with you to an extent, Robin, but on the other hand, the craving of community is an expression of a very real and human desire. So, in and of itself, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people longing to find people with whom they can share life that are of like mind, even if the likeness is no more than being an open-minded person interested in life.

  4. Wayne – I chuckled when you spoke of reading Richard Rohr and how you were warned

    Glad you can still put your big boy pants on

    Probably merits its own podcast – the fear of reading something that might challenge our faith

    If our faith is so fragile we should gaze in the mirror for a bit. Or do as you suggest and pull out the good while you put on the shelf the challenging parts

    There are many voices in the world. But the Spirit can help us discern truth regardless of the source

    Thanks again. I’m enjoying Rohrs book on Enneagram

  5. Life is better lived in a community. Jesus had his committee of friends. I enjoy being free from the institutional Box called church but i have not solved the problem of loneliness that arouse as a result of my leaving.the church.

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